Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Down by the Seaside (not really)

Leah has had this thing lately where she thinks she's right all the time.  And that would make us, her parents, wrong.  This is annoying for two reasons:  1)  SHE'S USUALLY WRONG and 2) I know I get to look forward to this for the rest of my life.  This is what some people might call karma.

Here's an example of a recent conversation - remember she rides home from school with another mom and her kids:

The parents:  Leah, when you ride home, do you sit in the middle?
Leah:  No, I sit in the back...
Parents:  By yourself?
Leah: No, next to Sarah.
P: So, does anyone sit behind you?
L: Yeah, I guess B sits behind us, and J does too if he's with.
P: sit in the middle.
L:  Hehe, I guess I do!


Ben's thing lately has been nudity.  We've had some backsliding in the poopy training area after a fairly good several weeks.  This has naturally lead to many changes of underwear.  He's more than eager to have clean ones, but it seems to take for-EVER for him to put them on. Like, I have to remind him about 20 times to PUT THE THINGS ON. 


MY thing lately has been cleaning out the sandbox.  Not of toys, although that's happened, too

And not of sidewalk chalk, although I've gathered a lot of that as well.

See all that pea gravel surrounding the sandbox?  Yeah.

I've spent a couple afternoons out there with the boys, sifting sand through a toy sifter, tossing the pebbles back out.  It's been oddly satisfying work.  I can see progress begin made, even though Adam has been trying to help by tossing out perfectly good sand.

Now I'm just trying not to think about how my two afternoons of work could be erased in 30 seconds. 

Denial.  It's every mom's best friend.


JJ and EJ said...

Love the L convo! : ) M does that, to an extent, already too. Her FAVORITE phrase right now is an emphatic, "No, no, no!" as she shakes her head... EVEN when I say, "Do you want some pudding?" (and I KNOW she does). So then I take it away since, well, she's clearly voicing her opinion... and then... she cries because she wants it. Silly girl. We'll keep working on our vocabulary. : )

Kim said...

L sits back behind the driver; not in the middle seat rather the middle row!