Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'll be sure to get a photo of that, too.

One more thing I forgot about Ben.  Lately, he's been quite the diva, changing his clothes at least once a day.  As a result, his laundry pile is twice as big as Leah's.  Here's an example:

Ben: (wearing a T-shirt & that's it.  I had just given him a new pair of undies.  Also was wearing sweatpants previously.) Mommy, I'm too hot.  Can I put on shorts?
Me:  No!  It's too cold out! You are FINE.
Ben:  I'm hooooot.  I want shorts!  (Repeat MANY more times.)
Me:  Fine.
After about FIVE MINUTES, he comes down with a different T-shirt and flannel pants, also new undies.  Um, NO.  I pointed out that T-shirts are pretty much the same warmth, and the pants are STILL PANTS.  Also, sent him back up with the undies.  Explained that he had a whole day's worth of clothes in his hands.  Listen, I'm just trying to save the earth by reducing my laundry load.

This weather is throwing things all out of whack for ALL of us.  The mornings are around 40 degrees, but the afternoons are in the upper 60's.  Leah has been going to school in capris and T-shirts, but also with socks & sneakers and a jacket.  This seems to work for her, but Mr. Diva has been changing from pants to shorts somewhere around 3pm. 

Which is fine.  For about 2 hours, until the sun starts to go down.

Tonight, for example, we were all outside.  Aaron, Adam and I were wearing pants and jackets.  Leah is wearing her clothes from school (capris) and Ben a t-shirt and shorts.  Shocking!  The ticked-off mosquitos were enjoying the free meal, I'm sure. 


I really want to tell you about all these cute things that Adam is doing lately, but since I don't have photos of them, it seems kinda cruel.  So I'll work on that, and get back to you soon.

He's now holding his own cup  - YAY - so my next request is that he start talking.  Now.   That would be sooo helpful.  Because the crying tantrums? NOT so cute.


Terri V said...

P likes to do that too, and if you tell her no or she doesn't get what she wants. I just help her lie down and walk away.

Noel said...

To be fair, smaller people have more surface area per unit mass, so are more sensitive to ambient temperature.