Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So far, all limbs are intact.

Friday was one of those days.

Sometimes Aaron comes home and asks, “So, what did you do all day?” And sometimes all I have to contribute is: “I kept three kids alive! Isn’t that enough?!”

But that day I would have to add, “I BARELY kept three kids alive.”

The list of victims started with Ben. We had overnight guests, including 2 boys. Ben and the boys were running around, of course, and at one point, Ben threw himself back onto the ottoman. Which happened to be pushed up against the fireplace hearth. His head made contact, crying ensued, and Mommy gave out hugs and kisses. A few seconds later, he was off running and playing again. Another few seconds later, and my palm was sticking to my keyboard… with blood. Is it bad that I first checked my white shirt before calling Ben back? The back of his head was bloody in an area about the size of my palm.

In one of my more genius parenting moments, I chose a dark colored washcloth to blott his hair, knowing that if he saw the blood, his crying (which had started again) would quickly turn to panic. After getting cleaned up, he seemed fine – I couldn’t find the cut, and it stopped bleeding on its own, so I figured that stitches wouldn’t be necessary.

We managed to get through the rest of the morning and naptime unscathed, but the day’s next victim was poor baby Adam. We were all outside, and he decided to take a stroll on the sidewalk. Unfortunately for him, I foolishly attempted to “help” him by holding his hand…which only prevented him from catching himself when he fell. One bloody lip was the result, but it quickly developed into a swollen lip worthy of many inquiries from an amazed father. “WHAT did you do? HOW HARD did he fall?!” I assured him several times that Adam had fallen from his own height – I hadn’t dropped or thrown him. Thankfully, a neighbor friend was there in case a witness is ever needed.
Oh, and he's cutting his two top canine teeth, hence the immense amount of drooling going on right now.  I'm not sure if the runny nose is related to teething or a separate symptom, but basically his face is oozing liquid 80 % of the day.  And apparently his face is mosquitoes favorite food.

Saturday we headed to the Cities to visit my brother, his lovely wife, and their 2 adorable boys, David (20 months) and Henry (2 1/2 months).  Needless to say, all three mobile boys quickly became best buds and bitter rivals.  Especially concerning a particular toy motorcycle, which was threatened with several time outs.

Sunday morning the injury streak started again, with Adam crashing down a couple of steps onto a hard floor.  The result was a bruise the size of a finger on the side of his face - MY finger.

Throughout the day, I kept insisting that it seemed to be fading and not getting too dark, based on my own experience that deeper bruises don't show up immediately, as Adam's did.  Aaron was doubtful, and continued to question my parenting skills.  I have to admit, my track record for the weekend did not look good.

Later Sunday morning, SIL Jess and I ventured to a park with all five children.  Within minutes, Ben pooped in his underwear.  Thankfully, there was a portapotty nearby, so we got him changed quickly.  After about a half hour of playing and snacks, the kids wanted to move over to the swingset.  As I hoisted Adam and all my gear (jackets, purse, diaper bag), Adam belched and up came some of the crackers.  Thankfully, that was pretty much all it was, but it managed to hit my pants, sweatshirt, and the diaper bag.  Lovely.

Monday morning I went to Super Target with Leah to pick up some shoes & leggings for her, and lunch for everyone. (If we had a Super Target here, I think I would buy myself California rolls on every visit.)

When I returned - which was NOT two hours later, as Aaron insisted, Adam had a NEW BRUISE on his face!  This time, an inverted V on his forehead.  Our guess was that he fell on one of the blocks he'd been carrying around.

As we drove home that afternoon, we'd glance back at Adam passed out, leaning forward in his seat against his straps, drool running down his chin, face covered in bruises and mosquito bites, and just marvel that we hadn't been to the hospital yet.

This is the kind of photo that is responsible for all those younger siblings out there:

Adam sat and "read" books while Henry played.

And this is what happens when the baby is removed. 


Noel said...

Calgon take you away....

JJ and EJ said...

Hoo boy... you had quite the weekend! But yay for all the high points!

AJ said...

Fun post. I don't think pictures could ever define how his face looked, but the bruise picture showed it well. And the drool just makes him look more like some street urchin. Now you have to write an entire post that is only postive things. Mostly about me of course. =)

Lyz said...

Of course, dear...that post is coming soon...(I'm sure)....:)