Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry & Bright

We took the kids to a waterpark in a nearby town this afternoon. It was such a nice change of pace, and all the credit goes to my husband, who not only suggested the idea a few days ago so I could wrap my brain around it and be prepared, but also packed the kids all up along with the requisite gear. Also, he didn't totally freak when he came upstairs (after getting all those kids and bags in the van) and found out that I'd just finished taking a shower. WHAT?! A girl's gotta shave.

Anyway. I brought Adam's swim stuff along, but he started wailing the minute we stepped into the water area, so I figured that was a bad idea. I did swim for a bit while he sat half comatose in his seat, but then decided that I was better off dry. He and I headed to the family shower room (2 toilet stalls, 4 shower stalls, all with doors! It's so great.) to change clothes and get a fresh diaper on him, and then ducked into a changing room to nurse.

While I was in there, a herd of kids entered. A herd of kids and ONE mom.

These are some of the snippets I overheard (italics are Mom):

"The least you can do is help! Mom paid $35 for you guys to go swimming, and you sit there and do THAT! That's just naughty." Quick math - that's 5 kids.

"I have a matching swimsuit and towel!" - "Yes..."

"Mom, where are my goggles?" - "In the bag."

"I just knew that today was one of those days that is not going to go well..."

Coins drop on the floor - "Just put it here in my disaster of a purse." - "It's not a disaster, Mom!"

"Mom, where are my goggles?" - "In the bag!"

"I have a matching swimsuit and towel!" - "Yes, I know you do!"

"Oh, the ice cream got all over..." At this point, I'm almost laughing. But she doesn't know I'm there at all, so I keep veeerrrry quiet.

"Being a mom is hard work. You'll understand that when you have kids."

But this was my favorite part: "I have a hearing problem - everything sounds 10 times louder to me than it does to everyone else. That's why I get so upset when you guys yell." Hmm. That sounded feasible until I walked back into the swimming area and was blasted with noise as soon as I opened the door. And there was the mom, sitting quite calmly at a table blowing up inflatables. I think her hearing problem is called I'mtheMomitis.

The whole situation was very amusing to me. Not only could I totally relate, (and I only have 3 kids!), but I was thinking back to being a kid. Inevitably every mom has a bad day or ten, and the kids are all, "I really don't care how or why you are crabby, I just want to get away and do my fun thing!" Because there may be ice cream all over and disaster in the purse and who knows what else, but WE GET TO GO SWIMMING! And that is the only thing that matters. Of course!

I stayed in the changing room until they headed out, just to save that mom the embarrassment of knowing that I'd overheard so much. I just hope that they all ended up having a better afternoon!


Melissa said...

What I like about this post: you managed to tell a story about another momhaving a weak parenting moment without an ounce of superiority or self-righteousness. If we could all be so supportivecof each other in our worst moments, being a mom would be easier. (and yes, sometimes the most supportive thing you can do is be very, very quiet!)

we loved that water park, btw. We must have gone 10 times the year we lived there.

Noel said...

Is this the town to the west yet still in our county? If you need a weekend away, we've liked the waterpark a couple hours to the southeast.

Lyz said...

Melissa - Thanks, lady! I try to remember the "walk a mile in their shoes" thingy...

Noel, yes, it was Governor's Inn in Casselton - I should have linked it. We've gone to a couple places in the Cities, too, but stayed in town this time...

Noel said...

The southeastern water park I alluded to was at the Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria. With some good timing, we've gotton rooms for $99/night including waterpark passes. Activities range from a 0-depth pool to a two story water slide. Other activities at the resort and town as well.

mama.nichols4 said...

Oh dear... If only dads realized the frustration involved with any sort of outing, even a simple trip to the grocery store.

It was a nice idea and I'm sure the big kids had a great time but as you said, it didn't matter what the drama was, they got to go swimming! hehe