Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No Worries.

Ah, the season of my aggravation has returned. First there's Halloween and the whole we-don't-celebrate-Halloween business. There was an article in the paper about Halloween-abstainers, and it appears that while it's okay to randomly not like the holiday (like, from a bad experience as a kid, or you just don't like dressing up), if you don't celebrate for an actual reason, and a religious one at that, you are just weird. So, we are weird.

Leah started complaining about not getting to go trick or treating, but it turns out that she just wanted candy. I've decided that we are comprising with our neighborhood - we will hand out candy, but I'm not decorating outside, and my kids are not going door to door. To make my kids feel less ripped-off, I let them each choose a bag of candy to hand out, and then they'll get a few pieces of it.

That is, unless we go to another non-Halloween family's house, and then they'll get several of those candies.

In addition to Halloween, there's also this somewhat-annoying season called Toy Catalog season. Remember how we only give the kids 3 presents at Christmas? And how we tend to (over) think every holiday tradition? And how my husband has been harumphing around the house about how the kids have too many toys?

So yeah, the kids drooling over the toy catalogs and "learning to covet" as Aaron says, hasn't happened quite yet. I thought we were close the other night, when I mentioned my Christmas wish list in Leah's presence. Immediately she wanted to make her OWN list. Of course.

I hemmed and hawed, and glanced at the pile of fliers from the Sunday paper... Leah got a sheet of paper and after writing "ChIsMis LisT" at the top, she said to herself, "Hmm, what do I want for Christmas?" My hand actually paused in mid-air, with the Fleet Farm catalog still in it. I thought, "Wait! She doesn't know about the part about looking through and circling everything you like? I DON'T have to give in?"

Leah continued, "A pumpkin!"

That's all that's on the list, so far. I think we'll be okay.


mama.nichols4 said...

Well Liz, Ben and I have decided to try out the 3 gift Christmas tradition. When we initially told the kids about it they were less than thrilled but they're slowly getting used to the idea. As you know, we too have the same problem of having to many toys, and I've realized that we may even have too many books. (I know it seems impossible, but...)

So, I'll be looking for your guidance.

As far as Halloween goes, I don't really do a lot with it. The kids do get dressed up and have gone trick-or-treating but we don't believe in ghosts or any of that mumbo jumbo. It is, in our thoughts, just another day the kids get more candy. No wonder our society is obese.

AJ said...

Pumpkin. I am so glad Leah is still so innocent.

BlueCastle said...

I'm lobbying for a No-Gift Christmas this year. None. At.All. :)

JJ and EJ said...

3 for Christmas, but how many for Thanksgiving? ; )

Noel said...

But what are the prospects of finding a non-frozen, non-mushy pumpkin in Fargo in December?

Maybe move her to a pineapple and then she can plant the top part and watch it grow all winter in addition to the instant gratification of a fruity Christmas morning treat.