Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On the Record

As Ben starts talking more and more, we are frequently surprised by what exactly he talks about. On one trip home from church, for instance, he pointed out that Daddy should go because the arrow was green. Uh, thanks kid. Aaron wondered how he learned that - but of course he's been asking me about traffic lights on the way to school every morning. And apparently he's been learning.

Yesterday he was telling me about steam. Maybe. The steam HE was talking about was the "steam" that happens when you throw "widdle wocks" on to more little rocks. I pointed out that it may LOOK like steam, but it's just dust. Then he argued, "No, dust gets on me hands, make me hands dirty," and that was it. NO Mom, dust is dirty. Steam is not. Conversation over.

There are two distinct sounds from my childhood that are ingrained in my memory. The first, piano music. Usually around 8am on Saturday. The other, the sewing machine rattling away.

My mother was the source of both sounds, and although I have yet to own a piano and take up playing again, I have been sewing more and more. The other day, friend J told friend A, "Oh, Liz is a big sewer! She makes hats and stuffed animals and..." Here I interrupted. I am NOT "a big sewer" and DO NOT want that to get around! That stuffed animal was a puppy-shaped floor pillow that I made for Leah as a Christmas present a few years ago. And it was less of a stuffed animal and more of a big freaking mess. Now, friend Crystal - she's a big seamstress. Anyway.

I made Leah a polar fleece hat last winter, when it was too late in the season to find one that A) matched her coat, B) covered her ears, and C) cost less than $10. Unfortunately, she lost that hat in a matter of weeks, so I knew I had to be prepared to make another this fall.

She picked out the print herself, and aren't you impressed? The set included the hat, a neckroll, and mittens (which are so small that she can't move her pinkies. Oh well - live and learn.)

In fact, I decided to make TWO hats, after I found a cute piece of fleece dirt cheap in the remnant bin.

All this sewing was done about a week or so before the monkey costume fiasco of this weekend. The other day she said, "Mommy! I can't believe you made Ben's monkey costume in ONE NIGHT!" And then, "And you made my hat, neckroll, and mittens in one night, too, didn't you?" Yes, honey, yes I did. Then she made my day: "Mommy, you are SUCH a good sewer!"

ps - On any slightly difficult sewing project, I have had the assistance of my mom. (She did the entire head of that puppy floor pillow.) Thanks for the help, Mom, and thanks for making me do all those insane 4-H projects.

These hats are super easy, and great projects for beginners.


nydampress said...

What a sweetheart Leah is! And you my dear are great at sewing, I'll try and keep that on the "dl" :)
I am SO jealous of those with sewing ability. I really wish I could make my own clothes, but following patterns scares the beejezus out of me.

Katie Meberg said...

Oh, the agony of 4H projects back in the day! But now, OH the good things we actually learned and are able to do as adults! As much as I hated 4H, I have now come to appreciate those projects and learning experiences. I even thanked Mom for making me stick it out! "Wow Liz, great sewing!!!" Leah's stuff looks great!

Suzi said...

Just remember that the sewing comment is all relative. To me you are a big sewer when you compare it to someone like me who will only do buttons.

Now compared to Crystal, maybe not.

Either way, it's a complement. I wish I could/would do stuff like that, even if it is just hats and mittens or halloween costumes.

My mom gave me her old sewing machine (when she got a new one), which is built into a desk like thing. I never have set it up and I'm pretty sure I've had it for 6 or more years. I asked her if she wants it back, cause I can finally admit to myself I'm not going to do any sewing anytime soon. And it takes up a lot of precious space.

So you are a big sewer compared to me!

AJ said...

She said sewer. HEHEHE