Monday, May 3, 2010

Leah's Photo Review

Six years ago, we became parents for the first time.

I'm a day late posting this, of course, but I remember very VERY clearly that it was about 10pm on Sunday night, May 2nd, 2004 when contractions started. Aaron and I, being novices at this whole "labor and delivery" thing, spent the whole night breathing through contractions. And yes, I do mean BOTH of us, cause there was no way I was going to let him sleep with that kind of pain going on. But they were still 10 minutes or so apart! By 6am we decided to go to the hospital. (I am NOT sure of when I called my substitute teacher and asked her to go in for me the next day...)

I could barely stand the ride to the hospital, and refused a wheelchair because standing seemed preferable to sitting. I wonder if that medical resident has ever gotten over the terror of riding in an elevator with a woman hoo-hoo-heeing through contractions? While leaning against the wall?

Anyway, by the time I was examined I was 7cm (YES! What were we thinking?!) and I got a blissful epidural at 8cm. Blissful except that I couldn't feel my left leg at all. Weird, but I was able to take a nap while dilating to 10!

And then I pushed for FIVE. HOURS. There was a lot going on during that time, but I'll try to summarize by just saying that after 2 1/2 hrs we discovered Leah was in the worst position possible for a normal delivery (sunny-side up AND diagonal) and that her birth involved my midwife, the OB resident on call, the OB head resident, and the OB doctor on call - and also the vacuum. They may have been a cleaning lady who hadn't been in the delivery room yet, but I think pretty much the rest of the floor staff had been.

We finally got that girl out (after she turned herself face down, in the birth canal, thankyouverymuch) at 3:20pm.

Still in the hospital, and she blessed us with a (gas) smile. Oh yeah, before I forget to warn you - we bought our very first digital camera a few months before Leah was born, and we were still figuring things out - which is why some of these photos look pixelated.

Going home for the first time. When the boys were born, I was amazed at how much better I felt after NOT pushing for 5 hours. Thankfully, at the time I had nothing to compare it to.

Leah was pretty orange from jaundice those first days. Her bilirubin number was 17, and when I asked a doctor what that meant, he said, "Well, at 20 they usually go into the hospital." That freaked us out, and Aaron spent several days trying to get her in as much sun as possible. And I nursed her a LOT. It must have worked, because at the next check she was down to 12. (Which was the peak of Adam's jaundice, btw!)

Look at that peanut! This is after her first bath, on my very first Mother's Day.

Had to document on the blog her blankie, the crocheted one. She still sleeps with it every night, even though it has been reduced to a life-threatening pile of snarls. Every night before I go to bed I check to make sure she isn't cutting off her circulation.

About 3 months old. Still makes this "kissy lips" face every once in awhile.

Hopefully now there is no doubt who Adam looks more like. Except for the eyes, they are so similar it freaks me out once in awhile! The killer grin is just icing on the cake.

10 months, and already loving books!

1st Birthday cake! I made the same one for Ben, too, but will have to figure out something else for Adam, since Aaron has banned me from making it ever again. Apparently he doesn't like to see me stressing about cake for 4 hours the night previous to the party.

Leah stressed about the cake for about 4 seconds before diving in. And she stayed fairly clean, until she had to rub her eye.

This photo kills me. It is the perfect illustration of "first grandchild". That would be Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie Ruth, and Uncle Tim trailing behind, watching her every move.

Almost 2 years, at Ben's baby shower. The coordination was not planned, but was perfect!

Two years! Elmo cake!

Grandpa Henry has learned that the way to get a little kid to give kisses is to prep them with ice cream.

At buddy Alex's birthday, eating only the frosting off the cake. Man, I love this kid!

We bought this strawberry. Leah ate it. For lunch. (Just kidding. I think.)

On the beach at Cape Cod.

Fall Festival at our church. Leah went as cowgirl, with much assistance from friends (who lent the boots & pony) and Grandma (who made the shirt).

Gymnastics warm-up in the Pit!

This is probably one of my favorite photos of my girl. She adores dress-up, but will drop everything for television. And when she's watching her favorite show, even Mommy taking photos doesn't interrupt her concentration.

5th birthday - Dress-up theme. My daughter is testing my creativity - this year it's a Ruff Ruffman theme, which ALSO doesn't have any pre-packaged party items to help a mom out! I'll have photos on Monday so you can see how non-creative I'm being. Right now, I'm most proud of the goodie-bags. Hopefully the kids will enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed putting them together!
Oh baby girl, you are growing up so fast, and I thank God for what an intelligent, sensitive, happy kid you are. The past six years have been a blessing, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.


mama.nichols4 said...

I love photo montages... very nice collection of Miss Leah. I know you could talk about that girl for days. Happy Birthday, again, Leah! 8-)

Ruth said...

favorite leah quote so far:

"i like strawberries...and pockets."

me too, Leah. me too.

Crystal said...

Oh, Leah. I feel like my kid turned 6. I will never forget meeting her as a 1-month-old pink bundle.