Monday, May 31, 2010

National Pasttime

Aaron sliced up a pineapple last night. And of course, being the frugal guy he is, he didn't want to waste any of the deliciousness, so he gnawed at the skin portions to get those few bites worth, slobbering and dripping over the sink while I watched with a mixture of amusement and horror.

Later at dinner, he was moaning about how pineapple he'd eaten. I wasn't very sympathetic, and pointed out that it hadn't helped that he'd gotten to first base with that pineapple before supper had even started. We looked at each other, and then he said, "I got waaaay past FIRST!"

Leah laughed and said, "You probably got all the way to home base!"

Just wait until she knows what that metaphor is actually referring to. Then we will ALL be in trouble.


After dinner, we all hung out in the backyard for a bit. Aaron played baseball with the big kids, and surprisingly, they each got a few good hits from the pitches. At one point, Leah got a hit, and Ben grabbed the ball and tried to tag her out. As she ran in a random line that may or may not have followed imaginary bases, but DID go over a pile of rocks, she yelled out, "There's no bases, so you can go wherever you want!"

This continued for the next several hits, until they figured out that the runner had to come back to home, and would corner them there.

Okay, this story is not nearly as funny as it was at the time, watching those kids run like crazy people all over the yard.

What was ALSO funny is when Aaron gave Leah license to push Ben back when he started shoving her. It's like the thought had never occurred to her! What a girl. Another boy would have been all over that from the first stumble.

Anyway, that dissolved into a good wrestling match, with Leah being bigger and stronger, but Ben being more aggressive. Some ground rules were established: No biting or pinching.

Leah inevitably won just be being able to sit on him. And Ben...started crying. And then shoved her from behind as she walked away. And then she sat on him again. And he started crying again.

You know what that means? Bedtime.


What is a sure sign of bedtime at your house - for you OR the kids? Any backyard baseball memories? Any metaphors that your kids have inadvertenly gotten correct?

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Lexie said...

your kids are going to 'love you' when they start reading your blog... Leah is going to be mortified about the 'home base' or just laugh at it... have to say, love your record of kid stuff... always puts a smile on my face!