Monday, May 17, 2010

Physics Stinks.

I've been fighting the law of gravity lately, and losing. As you might expect.

The first battle was just over a week ago. I was bringing up a tub of Leah's baby clothes from the basement. My niece MVJ is just the right size to wear some of those cute dresses, and Mom has given me permission to hand them down...temporarily.

I was heading into the living room with the tub, when my sandal (completely free of traction) slipped on the carpeted step. This has happened before, and before I've been able to catch myself.

Cue tub of clothes.

This tub was too large for me to just toss aside for the flailing arms. And so I took option B, which was an awkward collapse to the floor, all the time still holding that darned tub. To those watching, it appeared that I had simply decided to sit down. Only I was aware of the seconds of panic, resulting in a slightly twisted ankle.

And then again this last Friday at playgroup. We were all in the kitchen while the kids had a snack (and can I just tell you that these new moms in our group have really stepped up the snack game? We're talking MULTIPLE options, for both kids AND moms, and even juice boxes. I usually just throw out some fishy crackers and water...). I was sitting at a counter on a high swivel chair while Adam was on my lap eating some crackers.

As I was sitting there, I was aware that the ring around the bottom of the legs was loose.

And then I was aware that I was falling.

A screw had come loose, and the leg of the chair slipped out, dropping the chair to the ground. Fortunately, Adam had been on my LAP, and not sitting on the actual chair - he didn't make a single squeak, and in fact I don't think he missed one bite of his cracker.

I, on the other hand, was a bit more startled. My arm hit the chair somehow, and my rear took some impact of course. The lasting effect was the arm, which now has a 3 inch yellow bruise on the underside between my wrist & elbow. The bruise didn't show up until Sunday, but hurt well before that. Thankfully now I have proof for my whining.

And the next time I decide to take on Gravity, I'll make sure I don't have anything in my hands. And a soft place to land.

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Noel said...

Tabloid headline: Alien Female Strugles to Adjust to Gravity. Earth-born Son Taking Situation in Stride.