Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby + cake = bliss

Note: This is not Adam's official birthday cake. Those photos will come later.

This was at my Grandma's 85th birthday party,held about a week ago and organized by my cousin Terri (great job, lady!) and attended by all four of Grandma's sons, all four daughters-in-law, four grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren.

Adam is about 26 hours younger than Terri's daughter Paige, and she was generous to put his name on a cake along with Paige's. We plunked the babes down with the cake in front of them, and this was the second photo I had time to snap:

The first photo I took was of someone grabbing Adam's hand, already full of frosting. After they let go, and I didn't immediately move either him or the cake, Adam realized it was fair game and really dove in.

I love this photo. They might as well be an old married couple. He's all, "What? It tastes good, and no one's saying no! It must be okay! Just relax and enjoy yourself!" And she's like, "Don't you realize that you look like a fool and are acting like a pig? Have a little self-respect, man!"

Poor Paige just looked on disapprovingly while Adam demolished the cake.

The photos were so cute, and the whole thing was just so darn funny that I kept letting him go at it. Leah and Ben were dancing around laughing maniacally during most of it.

I mean, how can you NOT let this baby have as much cake as he wants? He obviously knows what to do with it. There's no messing around - it goes straight into his mouth. With a teensy bit around the lips. He may be smiley most of the time, but when it comes to eating, and especially eating cake, it is ALL BUSINESS.


BlueCastle said...

Adorable. Those eyes! :)

Noel said...

Will we get similar pictures of the Handy Husband with his cake later in the week?

Adam is certainly photogenic..whether it is dirt in the garden or frosting on the cake.

Terri V said...

I was thinking it was a how dare you eat my cake look but that is my opinion. Even at her party she didn't really ever dive in to it so I am thinking she doesn't like to messy, she just picked at it.