Monday, June 28, 2010

When you give a mom a few hours off...

...first she'll stare at you.

After she's realized what that means (FREEDOM!) she'll make a list.

After she makes a list, she'll head to the store. She'll spend half the usual time getting the same amount of groceries.

After getting groceries, she'll go to Target and buy a coffee.

After getting a coffee, she'll spend some time in the clothing section. HER clothing section.

After buying some shorts and other staples, she'll head out to her car and realize that she still has time left to kill.


After weighing her options, she'll go to used bookstore or the Boys' Ranch & dilly-dally for awhile.

After having an afternoon or two off, that mom will want a few more. If you give that mom a few more afternoons off, she'll probably want to spend a couple with her husband, eating lunch at places without kid menus.

After she eats adult food, she'll probably start thinking about tasks that need to get done at home. She'll head to the local nursery to price trees.

After comparing prices & researching varieties, the husband will purchase two trees for the backyard.

And after those trees are purchased, the Handy Husband has his next job lined up! And that mom will probably have more grocery shopping to do...she'll have to make a list.

Leah had a Park District art class this past week, right during Adam's nap time, so I was lucky enough to employ a 12 year old neighbor girl to babysit the boys while I took Leah to class, ran errands, and then picked her up again. It was a perfect "training" situation - during the day, she only had 2 of the kids, one of whom would be napping for at least half the time...and she did wonderfully. Thanks, Emily!

Aaron and I enjoyed two afternoons together, which basically ended up being lunch + errands, but still - when you are together and no kids are involved, it's a date!

But now I'm spoiled and think that maybe Emily should come over EVERY time I have shopping to do...I really enjoyed the time "off"!


Aaron and I have a new nephew today! Hip, hip, hooray! He's so new we don't even know his name yet, but I'll bet he's completely adorable, judging from his big brother. Sooo looking forward to meeting him.


We have plans for the weekend that may result in even more infrequent blogging, so guys will have to deal by living your own lives. Enjoy it!


Noel said...

Note that in our town you need a permit to plant trees. check out the city web site. Roots shouldn't go into underground stuff and branches into overhead stuff. I suspect in your modern part of town the main concern is the roots. 40 years from now I don't want to be reading about the Handy Husband dealing with root-in-the-sewer backup events. Of douse digging into an underground electrical cable might eliminate the Handy Husband from future story lines.

And remember, only you can prevent forest fires!

PSA aside, sounds like a couple nice afternoons.

Lyz said...

I didn't know about a permit to plant a tree! Sheesh.

But we did call 811 on Friday, so the lawn is marked. Nothing overhead to worry about, and probably nothing below either, since there are no houses behind us...? We'll check into it, though. Thanks for the warning!

Lexie said...

I know what you mean when a mom gets a day off or even a few hours. It's dangerous... but love it!

Noel said...

We've really liked our Autumn Blaze maple in back. It has grown fairly fast, is nicely shaped, and does turn bright red in the fall. I hope yours performs as well for you.