Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hope you guys like my kids.

Ben has been full of funnies lately, and I've been waiting impatiently to share them with you.

About an hour into our drive to Minneapolis the other day, Ben starts sniffing the air and says, "Why does it frell wike wobster in here?" Now, DOES he know what lobster smells like? Not that I know of. Unless he's thinking of the smell of the grocery store near the lobster tanks, which is the only thing I can think of.

Also, it did NOT smell like that in the van. Adam's butt didn't smell like hazelnut a while back either, but that was Ben's assumption.

While we were eating at that Thai restaurant, he was eating his veggies and said, "You know dose peas in firfry? I'm into dem." I'm realizing that maybe I just find it hilarious cause he's my kid, and you all just think it's lame. Too bad.

While we were trying to make it up the interstate at about 4pm, Ben asks, "Is this traffic?" Yes, Ben, this is traffic, and this is also why Mommy & Daddy never want to live in a "big city". Blah.


Leah was singing a song the other day. It went something like this (with Ben's side comments in italics):

"And He's known me and He's loved me
since before the world began"
"Who's dat man you talkin' bout?"

"Our God is a great big God,
Our God is a great big God,
Our God is a great big God..."
"Like Paul Bunyan?"

Yeah, Aaron and I were about rolling.

We had to make an emergency trip to a public bathroom the other day. As we went to wash our hands afterwards, Ben takes a look at the 3 sinks and says, "Dere's a lot of sinks, like on Cribs!"

Um. Yes, he's seen Cribs. I'm sorry, World. I have failed you.


On the Leah front: She has a loose front tooth! How did we figure this out? At lunch she says, "I think I know which tooth I'm going to lose first: This one, because when I bite into something with it, it hurts a little." I inspected, and sure enough! It'll be the first victim. Now the Tooth Fairy needs to decide if she's going to show up or not, and what the deposit will be. I'm leaning towards Sacagawea dollars myself.

Adam: is CRAWLING. And cutting 2 more teeth, which would bring the total to 10. He is officially only eating table food, except for some baby cereal in the morning. This kid got a slow start to the whole "eating" thing, but he's making up for lost time. He's also starting to wave "bye bye" and babble "a -dah!" and "ma-ma-ma" - tho not to anyone in particular. Come ON, words! Don't make me wait until you're 2, like your turkey-brother did!

Which childhood milestone is/was most highly anticipated and/or delayed? Ben was actually advanced with his gross motor skills, even though his language didn't come until two years old. Adam seems to be slightly delayed with both. AUGH!


Noel said...

I thought the quotes were humerous and worth blogging.

As for kids milestones...

My 13 year old daughter lost a tooth today - presumably naturally. It gets pricey to have dentists and oral surgeons remove them as part of orthodonita has been the case with a significant number of her teeth. Will be nice to have both girls out of braces someday.

Her older sister is taking behind the wheel right now to unlearn things her parents taught her or things they never did teach her (like parallel parking which I am not very skilled in after a number of decades of driving). An appointment has been made for mid-July for the road test. She is also noticing that I habitually brace myself at certain locations when I'm the licensed adult in the front seat. I told her I know I don't need to do it, but it has become a habit.

Stacie said...

10 teeth?! Alyssa only has 4 & it doesn't appear that any others are on their way.

Hannah said...

AS far as traffic in the big city, you live 10 min from downtown and go in earlier than other people which means you leave an hour earlier, NO WAITING! I swear!! We never go downtown during the hours between 4-6 its crazy!! I HOPE YOu guys had fun in my favorite town, you should stop by and visit us next time, or we could meet you at Ikea... ( the reason I can never move back to ND, no Ikea for a quick run in and a hot dog lunch!)