Monday, June 1, 2009

Fill in the Blank

Just recently Aaron and I have had two conversations which wouldn't have been nearly as argumentative if I'd just had a TINY BIT more information. Now, before I make Aaron sound kind of spacey, let's make it clear that I do this all the time. "Oh, you mean I didn't say we were at church when this happened? Oops."

Here's kind of how the first discussion went:

Him: Today I saw a kid go half way into our neighbor's yard to get a ball.
Him: It's rude!
Me: What was the kid supposed to do? Just let his ball lay there, because it was in someone's yard?
Him: Yes! That's trespassing!
Me: Are you serious?! Some poor little kid is going to lose his soccer ball just cause it went in the neighbor's yard?
Him: Didn't I say that it was a golf ball?
Me: Um, no. So it was a golfer. Well, that WAS rude.

Now, remember, we have this nice little 9-hole golf course in our backyard, and neither of our neighbors have fences, so this illegal ball retrieval is nothing too new. But I felt a little silly defending some poor neighbor kid when it was some turkey out on the golf course!

And the second conversation, just a day or two later:

Him: I was telling some people today how I'm not friends with women unless I'm friends with their husbands.
Me: (some noise of agreement)
Him: And Lindsay (hi Lindsay!) said that TJ is friends with all kinds of girls that she doesn't know.
Him: (thinking about it...) I guess maybe girls from high school...I don't know THEIR husbands...
Me: Yeah, but it's not like you talk to them on a regular basis or don't really have a relationship with them or anything.
Him: (Looking at me oddly) Well, I guess that defeats the whole point of Facebook, huh?
Me: What? You're talking about being Facebook friends?
Him: I didn't say that? Oh.

Obviously, this communication thing is so easily broken up. And all that was needed was one additional word. "Golf". "Facebook." See how easy that was?

Aaron just explained that he's merely trying to balance the universe - I use too many words, so he tries to use too few.


Joyful Living said...

Ha-Hi Liz! you wouldn't believe the conversations I had with your hubby Sunday morning. You should come check out his break dance moves during rehearsal. He tried to talk me into it but I just didn't see it as need to talk to him!

Noel said...

Speaking of Aaron and church, I was surprised to see him with his normal beard. The earlier blog post had made it seem like he had shaved the WHOLE beard off. It was a relief to see that his whole face had not been mutilated.

Also on the communications front, I'm wondering if you will be Twittering Magnus' delivery? Dialation diameters, fetal heart rate, medications, urges to push...the stuff that stretches a few minutes of travelling several inches out a tube into an X hour marathon. Big ;-) with this paragraph.

AJ said...

No one is going to talk to me at church anymore because it ends up on the interweb. =( I guess I will just sit in the corner and avoid eye contact. No more break dancing or talking about Facebook.

RS said...


You are way too big of a ham to ever sit in the corner. I mean how many people know of, or have seen the belly? I rest my case. Also, Happy Birthday one week early AJ by the way.