Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Baby to Me!

I'm contemplating a post-baby gift to myself of hiring some cleaning help. Problem is, I'm cheap. And, I kind of like doing things myself. What's a girl to do?

Well, there ARE a couple of jobs that I really would pay someone else to do for me.

1. Scrub our large tile shower, in which there is a fair amount of black grouting.
2. Scrub the tub/shower in the kids room, which Aaron has used to rinse out his paint trays.

and here's the really lame one:
3. Change the sheets on Leah's bed.

Yep, just Leah's. Her bed is miserable, since 3 sides are against walls (of the bed itself - daybed/trundle style) and the 4th has a bed rail that needs to be removed and then of course, replaced. It may be easier to do this job without my pregnant belly, but as long as a maid is coming, why wouldn't I add that task?

'Cause I'd feel stupid, that's why. I may as well as the lady to wash my dishes or something.

So, any ideas? I'll have to get an estimate first, but I'm trying to think of other tasks that I could erase off my own To Do list.

And in other news:

The worst kind of nap? The one where you "wake up" without even feeling like you slept. I had one of those today. The only reason I knew I HAD slept was that I knew it couldn't be possible that I had been just laying there awake for an hour.


Noel said...

At church, there may be a high schooler looking to get some cash to pay for the missions trip to New Orleans in a week. Check with Kent ASAP.

A couple long term caveats:

(1) Hire as an independent contractor responsible for their own insurance.

(2) Note that if wages go above $400 for the calendar year, you may be responsible for some taxes. Not paying those taxes could trip up your nomination as Secretary of Literature in a future presidential administration.

There are also some women at Salem who do cleaning. Call my wife for name(s).

JJ and EJ said...

Man, I'd come do those jobs for you! Too bad I didn't know about them - I would've when we visited last week to meet AH! Give me some gloves and I can do just about any job! I did clean Peter's apartment after all. . . ; )

Blue Castle said...

Just one more reason to move to Fargo - I'd love to come help. I'm really good at cleaning everyone else's house but mine. And I'd pretty much do anything if it meant I could hold a wee little baby for a minute. :)