Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going kind of nuts around here.

This baby of mine could literally come any day. I'm not joking OR exaggerating. And this? This freaks me out.

I mean, I have had 9 months to prepare and everything, and the baby's room is completely ready- even though he'll be hanging out in ours (which is ALSO completely ready!) for the first couple of months. My parents are on high alert to come stay with the kids when they get that important call, and Aaron has arranged his schedule in a mutually agreeable way, and it's even flexible enough to allow for an early or (God-forbid) late arrival.

And still, I freak out. I mean, there aren't many times in your life that it's possible for your life to completely change within 12 hours - AND YOU DON'T KNOW WHICH TWELVE. I could be in the hospital five hours from now, or not for five more days. Wouldn't YOU freak out a bit?

I've noticed that I'm hesitant to schedule things - a playgroup this morning seemed a little risky to me. A playgroup at my house. With two friends whom I would leave my kids with on a regular day, much less in an emergency. They should literally come over every day, just in case. Thursday will probably be the big day, though, since I have a book club meeting that morning and Aaron has scheduled a round of golf. Other than that, I'm just sitting here biding my time - oh, and apparently trying to make sure my family is taken care of for the 3 days I'll be gone (eventually) --I am compulsively buying toilet paper, apples, and eggs, and doing laundry. Like Aaron couldn't figure out how to keep the house running. Please.

Oh, just to let you know: I'm bringing the laptop to the hospital, and hopefully I'll be able to post a photo and the vital stats, but don't go expecting any huge posts! Or contraction by contraction Tweets for that matter (since I've been avoiding Twitter so far anyway).


Blue Castle said...

Twittering during labor seems overkill to me. Glad you haven't joined that bandwagon. :)

I was just wondering how you were today. Sounds like you are ready. :)

Noel said...

The uncertainty of timing was one of my bigger dislikes of my wife's pregnancies. My calculations indicate you should still have scrap booking to do between now and whenever.

We'll be praying for a safe and smooth arrival for young Magnus.

Stacie said...

Hope we didn't stress you out too much! I will definitely help you out with the kids if you need me! Can't wait to meet Magnus :)

Katie Anderson said...

Oh Liz. Being overdue is do-able. I hear combines do a great job of bringing labor on. That and the "Coming Out" party Mom and Dad threw for me. There are a few combines going in the area...see if you can hitch a brief ride. And have DJ & Claudia throw you a party. Maybe Magnus will want to join in on the fun? :) Good luck. Anxiously awaiting Magnus's magnificent arrival.
-Katie Anderson

Ruth said...


I know you can do it.

Noel said...

Is this an aunt wishing for the same birth date OR a baby pool entrant hoping to finance a nice summer vacation? Sigh..."At Meritcare, on Memorial Day, by a dermatologist" is not to be. Could have retired if that guess were accurate.