Friday, August 28, 2009


One of the reasons I'm glad Leah is going to kindergarten is that she will be around the same kids every day. Right now, although she has several friends, she sees them at the most 3 times a week. That's infrequent enough for them to deal with the bossing, and for Leah to deal with the lack of obedience. But every day playmates means that they will have to work something out. I'm guessing that after the first couple of days, Leah will have some kind of breakdown. Maybe even that first afternoon when she gets home...something along the lines of, "They won't play what I want to play! They keep running around!" I'm glad the teacher, God bless her, will have to deal with that instead of me, at least immediately.

Hopefully Leah will learn to be as flexible as she was the other day with Ben. Here's how it went down:

L: Ben, let's play store!
B: No, me no want to. Let's play house. You be mommy, me be little boy. (what a stretch, huh?:)
L: Okay...Alright, son, let's go to the store!

Pretty stinking clever, huh? I would love it if it's THOSE kinds of smarts she develops this year at school.


Ruth said...

I think you have future negotiator in your midst. pretty clever, son.

Noel said...

Scary how sharp Miss L is.

Just some ideas for long-range scrapbooking ideas for the first day of school: With both girls, we have pictures from behind with me walking them to school on the first day of Kindergarten and then with at least one, picture of us from behind walking home on the last day of elementary school.

We've also been taking start-of-school pictures with the new trees in our yard, chronicling the growth of both girls and trees.

Have a great and memorable day as a family!