Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If you haven't had a kid, this may be too gross for you.

I had to place a very specific order with Quixar/Amway the other day. Wanna guess what it was for? A pre-treating laundry stain remover. I have it from a good friend that this stuff will take out oil stains even AFTER they have been through the dryer.

This is very important, because that is usually the only time I discover a stain - after it's been baked in for posterity. I ruined two shirts while on vacation, one of them which I was wearing for the first time. Good thing it was $5 at Walmart! Aaand, that is why I cannot see spending more than $10 on a T-shirt.

Anyway. We also have this other dynamic happening at our house right now. It is mainly Adam who is afflicted with what I affectionately call, "the gurgle butt". When the child poops, it sounds like a babbling brook, and his expression doesn't change. In fact, that's a big sign - no cooing or smiling, just a straight stare. Then you'd better get that diaper off as soon as possible, 'cause it's very likely that that bright orange poo went straight up the back of his diaper and is making it's escape through his clothes. This is the primary reason that he seems to need 2 sets of clothes every day.

Aaron and I were talking about baby poo last night. It's a weird thing, but each kid seems to have their own specialty. Leah, at about this age, would only poop every 10 days. We know it was exactly 10 because we marked it on the calendar. You know, in case things turned sour and we needed to know when the last time was? She'd be all fine and dandy days 1-9 - no fussiness or anything, but on that 10th day, watch out. You'd better have extra wipes and another outfit handy.

Ben was pretty normal as a baby with his number 2's. Of course, as a preschooler (!!!) he seems to be adamant about putting them in a diaper, not the toilet, horror of horrors.

Adam now seems to be following his sister's lead - not the waiting 10 days part, though. The "storing it all up" part. All of his diapers will be full all day - not with poopy, though.

As each poo-less diaper gets changed, the dread builds...and so does my hearing, waiting for that tell-tale gurgle...

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Noel said...

Kids sure do take your gross tolerance up. I don't miss the poop-up-the-back wardrobe changes. Fortunately for us, they weren't very frequent and something we left behind in the 20th century.