Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maybe the kids will get my good looks instead.

The other night I was visiting with Crystal in her sexy new kitchen (trust me, if a kitchen can be sexy, this one is it.) We were looking at Avon catalogs and making lists - because we are party animals- and I was trying to use the pen she had given me. It seemed like the kind where you twist the "cap" to make the tip come out the other end. I was having no luck, so I asked her, "How do you get this pen to work?" And she replies, perfectly straight, "You, uh, just take the cap off." Regular 'ole capped pen. I give her huge props for not laughing at me first.


Today my pal Tara came over and helped me figure out where to hang our smaller framed photos and such. Up until today, we've had exactly 7 pieces on the walls, and if you check here, you'll see why that number is so high. Anyway. It was fun, and I feel like I got a lot accomplished.

Since I'd been talking about Leah's Back-to-School-Night that was supposed to start at 4:30pm, she headed home around 3:30. The rest of my household relaxed a bit, and as I was getting the kids a snack and Aaron changed Adam's diaper, I decided to double-check the schedule for the evening. It was supposed to start at 4pm! And it was now 3:50! So we hurried it up and got us all there shortly after 4pm.

Aaron in the parking lot: "There sure aren't many cars here..."

We walked into the church (private school, folks!) and there was no one in the lobby. I'm hushing the kids, sure that we are super late and everyone is already in the assembly. I opened the door to the "Family Center" one. The sinking feeling hit my belly about that time.

I triple-checked the schedule...and Back-to-School-Night is NEXT Thursday evening.

Hmm. This makes no sense to me as the first day of school is next Tuesday...

So I double-checked THAT when we got home. And of course, Leah's first day of kindergarten is the 31st, not the 25th. What kind of mom am I, trying to shuttle my baby off to school a week early?!!

On the other hand, I found a whole extra week of summer! It's better than finding cash in your jeans pocket!


Anonymous said...

I had that same issue last week.. I realize that MN schools start on Tuesday, August 8th instead of Tuesday, August 1st. NO clue where I came up with the dates I originally had but geez! I was telling Serenity about my mistake, which I've known about now for a whole week, and she didn't realize school started on the 8th either!! Ugg!

Hehe, a new phrase was presented to me by the walk-in clinic doc when he said to Elijah, "you look like warmed up puppy poop". Poor kid! Darn ear infection!

Tara 8-)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so apparently my inability to keep dates straight is evident even in my comments.. My children return to school September 8th.. hehe

Tara 8-)

Noel said...

Welcome to being the parent of a school aged child :-)

It gets more complicated as the kids get older and as siblings also go off to school, multiple locations and multiple buildings and multiple schedules.

By 2016 you should be totally confused....

Aaron said...

Thanks a lot Liz, now I will have nightmares about showing up to events a full week late, not just a couple hours.

Aren't you glad you erred on the side of earliness now?

Lexie said...

i think your need more sleep or more time to yourself or maybe a night out? Yea for an extra week of summer! Lets home for some warm weather!

Da Godfather said...

or used kleenix in the jean's pocket right before you put it into the washing machine.

Noel said...

There's also the stress of trying to finish David Copperfield and the temporal confusion of the Book Club meeting date change (it did get pushed back a week, didn't it?)

Lyz said...

Aaron - I have those nightmares, too, although I'm ALWAYS at least a week late in those... Yes, the other positive is definitely that I was a week EARLY, not late.:)

Lexie- I would agree with you except that we just got BACK from vacation!:)

Noel- I am 250 pages from the end of David Copperfield...but I've had dreams about it twice already. Thank goodness the meeting got moved back a week. It would stink to get so far through and then not finish in time...