Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finally, he's turning into a real baby!

Adam is two months old, and just as predicted by a doctor friend, he is becoming an easier baby. Just in the last week or so, he is happier on his own, which means that no longer is he sleeping, eating, or being held...sometimes he just lays on the floor completely alone, and NO WHINING! This makes being his mother soo much easier.

Oh, and he is smiling! And cooing, and even chuckling a bit. This makes being his mother FUN! His sleeping is also becoming more predictable - to bed around 8 - 8:30pm, up around 2am, up again 3 hours later, and then again about 2 hours later- with that being when he "wakes up" for the morning. I'm hoping that in the next month we can eliminate one of those wake ups.

Oh, but babies still cry, don't they? Adam likes to bounce. This is the number one trick for making him happy again, because usually he needs to burp. (Uncle Peter got the brunt of this episode.)

Or he's tired, and then he LOVES to cuddle. (Here with Grandma Bobbie, Aaron's mom)

But the smiling! I love it. He's got a couple of small dimples in his smile lines that just make it even more delicious. His eyes are still blue, and although there is lots of speculation about them staying that way, I kind of doubt they will. There are blue eyes in my family, but NONE of the 9 kids in Aaron's have baby blues. I'm betting that Adam's turn brown in the next few months.

All our kids have had baths in the special sink at Grandma & Grandpa's. They love being able to watch themselves and Mom & Dad in the mirror. Makes for good photos, too!
Okay, so let's talk about that belly now, since it appears to be floating out of the water. This kid is TWO months old. As in, 60 days. And he weighs...wait for it... FOURTEEN pounds. This is why he is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes. Yes, I know other people (many of them good friends!) have had similarly chubby babies. But I never have! Leah and Ben looked like this more around 6 months, not 2. Yes, I know chubby is cute. Of course he's cute! Yes, I know he'll probably lose it all as soon as he starts walking...but until then I have to carry him! If I thought my arms were toned from the other kids, this one is going to turn me into Popeye! And YES, I have enough milk for him. I mean, it would appear that I do. Someone actually asked me that, although it wasn't someone from my own generation.
Adam's weight is in the 98th percentile for babies his age. Neither Leah or Ben has ever broken the 75th percentile. And while we're talking numbers (let's get it all over at once, shall we?) we weighed and measured the older kids when we took Adam in. You wouldn't believe it from seeing them with their friends, but apparently they are both of average height! I know. I am totally doubting science at this point.

I'm a little concerned that if Adam's eyes stay blue and his size continues to be exceptional, he may have identity issues as an adolescence. Hopefully we can find the family member whom he takes after before then. 'Cause he's a keeper!


Melissa said...

He sure is cute! I love it when they smile a lot, instead of treating you like the serial killer who slashed their REAL mother and is now coming after them.

BlueCastle said...

My word! He's a doll. I love it when they get out of that ugly newborn stage. Not that he was ugly, it's just that they tend to look more like a gerber baby. So adorable. Like I said before - you guys sure make cute kids.

Suzi said...

It's different with a chubby one. Lincoln had such skinny arms and legs. Miranda had folds and rolls, much harder to keep clean. But it is adorable. I think Miranda was around the 95% and Lincoln was in the 15% for about the 1st 6 months of their lives, quite a difference.

Aaron said...

Fourth picture is a winner. For sure.

Da Godfather said...

If his eyes were hazel, I could tell you which family member he is taking after.

Terri V said...

I am betting my dad who has Blue eyes and is a teddy bear. By the way I shouldn't tell you this but Paige who is 2 days older is only 12.25 lbs and is in the 90th in height and weight and is sleeping almost every night through the night