Saturday, August 8, 2009

On Being Open-Minded

You've heard of this actor James McAvoy, right? He's been in a few movies lately, and people have been kind of making a big deal about him. Until recently, I hadn't seen of those films, and truthfully was a little distrustful of all the praises.

I mean, really. He was the romantic male lead in Atonement (an Oscar-nominated movie, but one that I won't be seeing, thankyouverymuch) - and he looks like this:

He is exactly what Aaron and I refer to as a "weasel". But if he's been in movies like Wanted with Angelina Jolie, Miss Alpha Female herself, he must have some Alpha Male appeal, right?

Well, whatever that appeal was, I missed it...until I saw Penelope. And then recently (finally! Can you believe it took me this long?) Becoming Jane. Which, by the way, I liked, but think that the scriptwriter maybe filled out the details of Austen's romance a little - I'm pretty sure her love interest was never named...Nevermind. Apparently Wikipedia knows better, but still, the movie does a bit of imagining...

Anyway, in Becoming Jane McAvoy looks like this:

Hmm, maybe he stills looks a little weasel-ish. But all this proves what a great actor he must be! Because I am now convinced that he is, in fact, a stud. And I'm not alone, since he was named the 6th sexiest man in the world. Now THAT's something to put on your resume! I know this list is credible because it's accurate: Johnny Depp is The Sexiest. (Damaging the list's cred a bit is a group I've never heard of - British- is listed at #13 - tell me, how can 4 men share one spot?)

Also, consider that Wanted was a serious action movie (oxymoron? quite possibly.) and that even in the period drama of Becoming Jane, clearly a chick flick, he has TWO WHOLE SCENES of bare-knuckle fist-fighting. One of them shirtless, which may explain its inclusion.

Anyway. My point here (yes, I have one after all this rambling and link-ing) is that although I may have strong opinions, I am willing to change them if evidence and/or experience proves it necessary. And in this case, change my mind I must:

James McAvoy IS leading-man material, and I will probably consider watching any movie he is in. It's official and on-the-record.


AJ said...

Too bad I am not willing to wear a ruffled shirt and a velvet jacket.

Jeannie said...

I just love him because he was Mr. Tumnus in the Narnia movie. :) We watch that a lot over here...

Lyz said...

Jeannie - I saw that in his movie credits, and we loved that movie, but I totally don't remember in that role! I'll have to watch it again...darn.:)