Monday, September 21, 2009

Entertaining, yes. Predictable? Um, no.

Ben almost broke my nose last week. I was sitting on the couch, leaning my head in my hands, elbows on my knees, and he decided he needed a hug and propelled himself across the room like he had been shot from a pistol. He made a direct connection with my schnoze. I heard a crack, saw stars, and even cried a bit! Ben apologized, and even kissed it to make the owie better. But you know what? That didn't work so much as you'd think. I didn't think it had been broken, but the cartilage was definitely put to the test. Thankfully, there was no swelling, bruising or black-eye-like symptoms, but it was sore for several days.


Our TV remote went AWOL for a couple of days lately. We checked the usual hiding spots - down the cushions of the couches and underneath the couches. No remote.

Then I checked the less likely hiding spots - drawers in the end tables (too small to be used for anything other than hiding things) Drawers in the built-ins (empty thus far, and nothings ever been hid in them...but I keep checking anyway). No luck there either.

Finally, I start to think like a kid. Where do my kids hide things? When I clean, where do I find their stash? Then I had it.

For Leah's dress-up birthday party, Aaron brought down the full length mirror from our bedroom so they could check out their outfits without running to the bathroom. It is *still* in the "big room", propped against the wall. Every so often I see a pile of cars back there, or play food (No real food. Yet.)

Bingo. There was the remote, looking all at-home in its new location.


My kids are great sleepers. Not sure how it happened, but they both go to bed really well, with little-to-no arguing. They generally sleep from 8pm until 7am, and even if they wake earlier, they are pretty good about staying in their room until 7. Every once in a while (or more) we'll have one or both come in our room at night - Leah will have had a bad dream, or Ben needs his blankets adjusted (!!!!). They will be escorted (or just sent) back to their bed, and all is generally well.

My kids are also ACTIVE sleepers. Ben seems to work up a good sweat while sleeping - like, more than he does playing. I periodically wash his pillow because it grosses me out, and his dark blue pillowcase actually has salt marks on it from the evaporation of sweat. I have found him half off his bed, sideways on his bed, and even upside down once.

Leah doesn't sweat as much, but I find her in crazy positions, too. Sideways is quite frequent, even in her twin bed. Thank goodness she has a bed rail, or she'd be on the floor every night (which has happened more than once when at a hotel). Last night was probably the funniest, though - not only was she sideways, her leg was on top of the bedrail and hanging over it. How in the world someone can sleep like that, I don't know. Maybe they count on their mommies checking in and repositioning them. Luckily for them, that's what I do every night before going to bed myself.

Just for the laughs.


Noel said...

So the tabloid newspaper headline is "Deep Sleeping Cleptomaniac(s) become Violent" ?

Takes me back to the SAT and other standardized tests where a person had to read something and select the best title....

Kim said...

friends once warned us when we were overnight guests "don't worry about the noise during the night, N (thier daughter) sleeps like a tornado?!"

Kim said...

oops! their not thier

mattanderin said...

:D I check Laena every night before I go to sleep too! And she's always in some strange position. One time I found her upside down with both feet hanging over the head board! How in the world could that be comfortable!?!?! I usually re-position her to a more comfy looking pose!