Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grand, Indeed.

Even though my grandma lived 6 hours away from my family, I was lucky enough to have a great relationship with her. Maybe it was my love of musicals. Maybe it was our shared interest in cross-stitching. Maybe it was that I was the oldest grandchild and a girl, thereby offering that female child she never had - the blessed woman raised 4 boys. (Personally, I think moms of 4 boys have a ticket straight to heaven.) Whatever the cause, the result is a tight bond.

When one of my dad's cousins got married in Chicago, I got to go with Grandma, just me!, for a week or so. We went to museums, the Lincoln Zoo, and the Arlington race track. The trip was lovingly preserved in a scrapbook and given to me for Christmas, which would mark the start of my obsession with preserving my life experiences.

Mom, Grandma, and I went to a preview weekend at Cottey College in Missouri, a school owned by her beloved PEO's, the organization that Grandma and her two sisters are members of. I fell in love with the place and attended for two years. (It's a two-year school.)

While going to college in Grand Forks, a mere hour from Grandma in Park River, I visited with Aaron and a friend or two. After getting married and moving from Bismarck back to Grand Forks, we spent a few more weekends there.

One memorable weekend was Easter 2002. Aaron had to work, but I was off work for spring break. Also planned was a road trip to Cottey College for the reunion weekend. Having some extra time and a self-sufficient husband, I headed to Grandma's. We watched a musical every night and enjoyed dinners of popcorn, oreos, and Coke. Mixed with some olives for veggies! I went with her to her quilting club and lunch at the cafe. It was very fun.

Somewhere in the middle of these visits, I decided that I should bring my own shampoo and conditioner and just leave it there so I wouldn't have to pack such bulky, drippy items. Until this summer, I thought she just left those bottles (yes, the same ones!) out in the guest bathroom. We spent the night up there for the 4th of July, with my parents going up a day early and coming home a day after us. Mom stopped by our house when they got back in town, and popped her head in with this know-it-all-smile on her face. "Did you forget your shampoo?" she asked.


"Oh! We thought you left these at Grandma's..." and there were the 2 old Finesse bottles. Apparently Dad had been using the guest bathroom for a couple nights before we got there, and the bottles weren't there until we showed up, so the logical conclusion was that I had forgotten them.

Grandma has been lovingly and attentively anticipating my arrival with this special preparation for almost 10 years. I love you, Grandma!


Anonymous said...

You should print this up and send it to her with pictures of your children. She would love it!

BlueCastle said...
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Noel said...

Would also be some nice text to incorporate into a scrapbook page(s)on your grandma....and, as a regular reader, I now know how you ended up at Cottey: a school for women with no boys vs a school for girls with no men.

Lyz said...

You got it, Noel! Good job paying attention!

Da Godfather said...

Soooooooooo that is where the shampoo went that I would use for wheneve I needed to take a quick shower.

I guess I owe you some Finesse.