Monday, September 14, 2009

Gaining her approval.

Towards the end of Leah's first week of school, she got in the van and said, "Whew! That was a hard day of kindergarten!"

I asked her what made it so hard. She said, "We had to do TWO sheets of cut and paste!" She went on to explain that cutting was hard 'cause she has to keep the scissors open, not closing the tips. Tough, indeed. I assured her that with practice she would get better at cutting, and after she mastered it, she could do many more art snowflakes! Lots of snowflakes!

So a week later I asked if the scissors thing was getting easier. "Yeah, it really is!"


Also, an update on a previous post: Leah now loves soccer. She had back-to-back games this weekend, on Saturday morning and Sunday evening. After practically forcing her onto the field for the first game (which may or may have included outright threats), she was clearly having a blast and even admitted it afterwards.

Sunday I made sure to phrase the news in a positive way - "Leah, you get to play soccer again today!" Maybe it was because we were in front of some of her friends and she didn't want to look like a huge brat, but she did a happy dance and yelled, "Yes yes yes!" And I thought, "Praise the LORD. The whining is over!" And it seems to be. We may survive the next 5 weeks after all.


Noel said...

...and please keep us posted on coupon book sales.

Reading about the scissors and paper,I couldn't help but think of adults struggling to cut open items sold in plastic bubble packs. Cutting will always remain hard, but the number of materials for which it is hard will drop.

Ending on a positive note, mastery of scissors is prerequisit for Grandma's Sewing Camp....

Wendy said...

Love the tough day at kindergarten comment...

Hope soccer remains a love of Leah's. It's a great sport!