Monday, September 21, 2009

Praising God! (In school.)

So, this kindergarten that Leah goes to is a branch of a Christian school in the area. When I asked Leah about her first day of school, the first thing she mentioned was the prayer circle.

The whaat?

"The prayer circle is where Mrs. D asks if any of us wants to pray out loud. I didn't want to."

At this point I'm trying to wrap my brain around a prayer circle at school. You see, I went to a public school. Attended 2 different colleges, one public and one private (although not Christian). Taught in the public schools for 4 1/2 years.

I spent my teaching career trying to walk the fine line between openly being a Christian and respecting the whole separation of church and state thingy. On the first day of school I told all my students about my faith, and that I expected them to respect it as I respected theirs, and not use the Lord's name in vain. Once you set that as the line, there's a whole lot of other words that they automatically know are off limits!

I occasionally played Christian songs while my students worked, albeit covert songs without "Christ" or "Jesus" actually in them. Amazingly, and irritatingly, the only student to object was one from the youth group with which I volunteered. (!!!!)

I mentioned attending church and working with the youth group whenever I legitimately could.

And still, when my daughter comes home from school singing songs about Jesus always being there for her, or how they are a new creation in Christ just like butterflies start as caterpillars, it throws me for a loop.

They are going on a field trip to the grocery store next week as they talk about nutrition, and the Biblical theme is the Fruits of the Spirit. Of course.

There is a Bible verse that they have to memorize each week, and I have volunteered to be one of the moms to listen to them recite on Friday mornings. Individually, in the hallway, with a plus, checkmark, or O next to their name. This is official, ya'll.

Also, about those verses. They start off with, and periodically return to, easy ones, like "Jesus said, Let the little children come to me..." (Matt 19:14a) But then. There are selections that are two verses. Or a whole psalm! People. Seriously. I doubt that I could memorize some of these things. But moms of past kindergartners assure me that they will be able to do it. Insane.

So anyway. Aaron grew up in a Christian school, but I am as new to this whole thing as Leah is. More so, in fact, since this is all she knows. I am sure she will grow up with much more knowledge in her faith, and hopefully a stronger faith. And I am thanking God (in the school and outside of it!) that she is able to attend a school such as this one.


Anonymous said...

We also have everyday prayer, religion and praise in school. My kids come home singing "Jesus" songs. They go to mass every Wednesday. Some people say they send their kids to private or parochial school for the small class sizes. I send my kids to St. Joseph's so they can pray, talk openly about how their daddy lives in heaven and learn their faith as easily and readily as the ABCs and times tables!

Lyz said...

Right on!

The small class size is a nice bonus, though. Only 10 in Leah's class!

JJ and EJ said...

Congrats LJ, you're the winner of my blog contest! YAY!!

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