Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking forward to the Olympic version.

Leah had her second soccer practice today. I had this big idea to try soccer this fall after watching her kicking the ball around last fall and this spring. She leans towards my end of the athletic spectrum - that is, the end that sits in the stands and cheers. Or reads a book at home. Whatever.

Anyway, in my ongoing battle against my share of Leah's genes, I'm consciously trying to encourage her in any active pursuit. Gymnastics has been a favorite, and we'll return to it after this 6-week soccer season is over.

And hopefully that will be soon. By all the champion-level whining that goes on before and after, you would never believe the fun she appears to have on the field! Because, seriously, the complaining is epic. It starts as soon as soccer is mentioned, continues until she hits the grass, and then starts as we walk back to the van. She has declared that she likes practice, but doesn't like games. Of which she's played exactly none. We have lectured, explained, and commanded. Basically, we are now at "We paid, you'll play, you don't have to ever again".

I realized today that of her teammates (all kindergarten, all girls) she's pretty much the only one wearing regular sneakers, not soccer shoes. But seeing as we have to practically physically drag her to practice, I'm not investing any more cash than necessary in this activity. She got a generic ball (not a pink one) and yellow shinguards (not pink, but yellow is her favorite color - and gender neutral!)

Her practices are at 5:30pm on Thursdays. That is a totally ridiculous time for us. Our two options were either have dinner ready by 4:30 so we can leave by 5, OR eat at 7pm when we get home. Instead, we (meaning I ) have decided that instead of making everyone (meaning me) crazy and anxious, we will eat fast food or takeout afterwards. The season is only 6 weeks long, and we usually eat out at least once on Thursdays anyways - it's Aaron's day off, so I make it mine, too!

Today we had McDonald's at the mall. On the way out to the van, Leah started in with the negativity again. I gave up on cajoling.

"You know, it's really too bad that complaining isn't a sport. 'Cause you'd do great!"

Leah paused, and then laughed and said, "Yeah!"

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - sarcasm is totally wasted on the young.


Kim said...

Welcome to the real world of soccer. When my first started they had first graders play 11 on 11 in a large field. Basically it was mob ball 22 kids kicking each other! It's improved greatly but is nearly always inconvenient.

Jess said...

I can totally understand Leah's complaining-she doesn't seem to like to do things that she won't "be great at" :) Maybe she just needs some encouragement from her auntie! Good Luck and like you said it's only 6 weeks.

JJ and EJ said...

Go Leah Go!