Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is he growing? I think he's growing.

Ben has been doing weird things at dinner lately. Like, he's not eating it.

Last night I gave him the spaghetti noodles and sauce separately, just like I MUST do for Leah for her to touch anything. Therein lay my mistake - treating them the same. As previously stated, they can be complete opposites.

Ben thoroughly demolished the noodles, but refused to touch the hamburger & sauce. Until we withheld the second serving of pasta until he took one bite of meat. Then he finally did. After much arguing.

Tonight, we ran into time issues. We were playing with friends outside until 5:45pm, so I didn't get dinner into the oven until 6:15, and it wasn't ready to eat until 6:45pm. You have other things to remember, but do you happen to recall Ben's bedtime? Yep. It's 7pm.

And by the time dinner was ready, the kids had already been eating carrots and hummus for 15 minutes. I pretty much knew that whatever interest Ben would have had in dinner had already been ruined by the half a cup of hummus he consumed. So I went right ahead and gave in, handing out grapes as a bedtime snack/dessert, and a couple of crackers to top it off.

Oh well. He got protein and vegetables - that's better than some nights.

Oh, and Leah? She ate both dinners rather well. Which is lucky for me, because I don't think I could fight both of them at once. I'd just throw in the towel. Er, dishcloth. And bring in the washcloth, cause believe me, there is plenty of mess when these two are done.

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Noel said...

Interesting to compare your family activities with ours in the 5:45 - 7:30 PM time frame last night.

Let me note that in ten years, you could be blogging about Leah making supper, Ben clearing the table, and then both making the rounds of their and your laundry so a load of laundry can get started.

But then there is the law of conservation of parenting time which states that time gained in one area as kids grow is spent in another such as school homework help. I wonder who L and B will go to for help with their Jane Austen book reports :-) Did you know Julie Andrews wrote books and that whangdoodle is a word in the English language?