Friday, September 19, 2008

A size 7 mouthfull.

When I pulled up to Leah's dance studio on Monday, I was reminded of two reasons why I don't like big SUVs/trucks.

The dance studio is in a strip mall-type place, so there is parking only in front of the building, one row of spaces. One truck had taken a spot close to the door, and parked so that although he was "technically" inside the lines, there wasn't room for my minivan to get in the space next to him.

THEN, there was another huge truck (pickup with the extended cab) parked directly ON the line. I'm talking, the yellow parking line looked like someone was trying to divide the truck in half.

I parked further down, which isn't that far really, but when you are trying to hustle two kids inside and are afraid you're late anyway, every step counts. As I was being frustrated in my head, a friend pulled up and parked 2 spots down from me. We got out and simultaneously expressed our feelings about the parking options presented that morning. We were walking towards the door, and as I got in front of the treacherous truck, I held out my hand and said, "Come on, that's INTENTIONAL, " and just as the words came out of my mouth, a guy came out of the studio.

Immediately I was concerned. Of course I watched, and yes indeed, that was HIS truck. And I'm not too ashamed to say that I used a swear word at that point.

You may be saying, "But Lyz, you didn't say anything too rude, and certainly nothing untrue! It may even be good that he heard it!" And you would be right. Except for the fact that I totally recognized this man as one half of the couple that brings kids to Leah's dance class AND to Ben's gymnastics.

They evidently run a daycare, because they drop off two girls for dance, picking them up later, and both of them bring SIX kids to Ben's gymnastics class, which is parent/tot - you stay with your kids and (ideally) keep them in line.

I'm already a bit on the chilly side to them, since the lady informed me the first day that parents weren't allowed on the trampoline (I wasn't doing flips or anything, just getting Ben warmed up) AND because their 3 kids each really slows down the lines at the stations. And now I have to deal with my own embarrassment too, every time I see them. Because as I see it, there are two options for how he responded to my blunder:

1) He didn't even notice, or immediately forgot. Because he's a guy and not all sensitive like that.

2) He TOTALLY noticed, and told his wife about it. Who I can already tell I don't want to cross.

At this point, I'm just glad I wasn't caught saying something much ruder. Which, as Aaron pointed out, very easily could have happened.

What, I'm not quite sure. My mouth already has ONE foot in it.


Ruth said...

hey liz. if you don't like these people, it's time to cross them off your stress list. parking like that, especially in fargo, the land of parking spaces, and also being the trampoline police means that these people should not take up even one more second of your inner monologue. most likely they are people who are too self-involved to even notice that you are there, trying to park, and having fun with your child.


Noel said...

Fortunately in Fargo, the parking spot hogs are fewer than elsewhere since there aren't that many Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes type cars here.

Also, welcome to a new phase of parenting where the parents and kids are from outside the nice neighbor, Salem, and MOMS spheres. Next phase is probably when Leah goes off to kindergarten and in then in 10 or so short years, you and Aaron will be in the passenger seat instructing Leah to stay in the lines (oh, wait, that's my near term parenting issue). Getting back to topic, I'm just rambling on something my wife knows much more about....

Blue Castle said...

Poor Lyz! But, I probably would've been in the same spot as you. I get so aggravated by those big suv parking-spot hogs. I only have a regular 4-door car, but it sure looks like a little bug compared to those monster vehicles every family with more than 1 kid seems to feel the need to have. And then, they don't even learn how to park the stupid things. It is aggravating, but hopefully, he's like the typical guy and didn't hear you or if he did, he won't remember long enough to say anything to his wife. Let's hope.