Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Making a House a Home: 3 Easy Steps

Folks, our bar is back together. (cue applause!) Over Labor Day, Dad and Aaron put some hard labor in and got it going. The drawers aren't in yet, and the sink still needs some work I think, but it's no longer taking up floor space not intended for it.

AND, my main floor half-bath has a new faucet! Aaron took care of it for me, despite a couple of road blocks and an extra trip or two for supplies. The previous faucet was fine except for the fact that it took an adult muscle to turn on the water. Sooo not handy when there is a preschooler in the house...and then with Ben getting to that point too, I was getting really tired of having to go in there just to turn on the water 4-5 times a day. Although it did give me a chance to remind Leah to flush. Never thought I'd be giving positive reinforcement for that one. (Good flushing, Leah!)

I am so thankful that Aaron took care of these jobs - they have really been nagging at me the last couple of days. So what's next? Glad you asked!

We will be hosting his family for Thanksgiving (6 siblings with their spouses potentially attending, plus 7 nieces/nephews and the folks) and there are a few little jobs I'd like to see accomplished before then:

1) great room painted
2)great room re-carpeted, and possibly the "formal" living room too
3) new door in the entryway

You know, little things.

Our current door is solid dark wood, with some kind of 70's carved design featured front and center. I love having light come in, but because it faces north, that it really only possible by leaving the door open and letting the storm door do the job of keeping out bugs and weather. And when I close the stupid door, it feels like I'm pulling up a drawbridge, it so effectively cuts out the rest of the world.

We all headed to Menards tonight to check out their entry doors. The one I picked out was beautiful, and despite what Aaron may tell you, it was NOT the most expensive. And still, with the two sidelights, a storm door, and installation figured in, the total was $2000. Sheesh!

There is a sale on doors right now, for 15% off. The sale lasts 2 weeks, so maybe we can make a decision in that time. Because I really don't want to have Aaron tackle building a moat, too.


Aaron said...

Maybe you don't need a moat... maybe just a stockade? Sounds like it could be a good idea.

Blue Castle said...

Oh wow. That door is beautiful! Good luck. :)