Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tranquilizer Dart Has Taken Effect

Ben sat through his entire haircut with this exact look on his face. And we were not at our usual kids' salon. Maybe that's the problem! All the bright colors, videos and bubbles make him anxious and jumpy, and the relative calm of a regular "bargain" hair salon soothes him into a near-comatose state.

Book us an appointment in another 4-6 weeks.


Suzi said...

This is exactly what Lincoln looked like when he got his haircuts. Not so much anymore, but definitely when he was younger. The first one, at 18 months, he sat immobile with that goofy look on his face, never moved an inch.

So I have never had to take him to the "kid" salon, Great Clips or Cost Cutters is fine.

He'll move his head a bit now but otherwise is still. And usually he gets a sucker, so he's happy with that.

nydampress said...

Ha! hilarious!
Man I hate the hair salon. It's too bad the "flowbee" never worked out.

Aaron said...

That's about what I look like when I'm getting my hair cut. Except my mouth is closed (nothing worse than a mouthful of hair)