Friday, September 5, 2008

Just Call Me Lukewarm Mama

Yesterday while reading the paper, I stumbled upon a HALF PAGE, FULL COLOR advertisement for a new store in the local mall. And then received in the mail an extra-large postcard from the same store. Both pieces proclaimed the grand opening of the store, with 15% off all purchases. The photos in the ads featured a pretty blonde, with two pretty blonde boys.

And what, oh WHAT is the name of this store? Hot Mama. And it's not specifically lingerie or maternity clothes.

I have a couple of issues with this name, and don't worry, I'll tell you all about them.

First of all, I think the phrase "hot mama" is a bit was cutting-edge a couple of years ago (or 2004, when this chain started) but now sounds like you are trying hard to be "cool" and "with it". Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I read too many magazines. Both could be true.

Second, and really MOST IMPORTANTLY, I really hate what the phrase "hot mama" insinuates - that there is another demand on women and moms. Not only do we have to be great mothers and employees, cook tasty healthy meals, be organized, support our child's school, and be a loving, attentive wife, now we also have to be "hot" while doing all this. Good freaking luck. You should just be happy with what you get.

And judging by the website, hot = expensive. The jeans are $100+ and the "fashion tops" were all more than $50. I'm not sure how long a store like this will last in Fargo, but there are a couple of higher-end boutiques downtown that have been around for a bit, so maybe I'm underestimating the spending power of the ladies of Fargo.

Third (did you forget I was making a list?) - my SIL Lisa pointed out, is there really that much of a difference between moms and women in general? Well, some of the shirts have slogans like "PEACELOVEMOM" on them, which I would never EVER wear. Even if it DIDN'T cost $30.

I do appreciate the fact that they are targeting my age group (no longer the "twenties" thankyouverymuch.) But is there a real need for mom specific clothing? Or is it just a marketing ploy?

I plan to check out this store in person during their grand sale, so maybe I will love it. Although I think I'll stick with Old Navy and Target, with the occasional splurge at TJ Maxx and Kohls. Which is why my husband dares to share a checking account with me.


Blue Castle said...

Well, you made me laugh today! It will be fun to see how this store does. Aren't you glad you're not 20 something anymore?

Noel said...

Being 20-something is so 80's ... or maybe that was just me and my own "Hot Mama" .

Kohl's and JC Penney's are just fine for my semi-annual clothes shopping and I am only buying new clothes as old ones wear out.

stace said...

I received one of those giant postcards as well & noticed that a new store was coming to the mall. I checked out the website & definitely agree that the clothes are nothing special. I can find shirts & pants just as cute for MUCH less than those crazy prices.

Noel said...

So what does make a $195 pair of jeans 10 times better than a $19.50 at the previously mentioned stores?

Carla said...

I completely agree with you. I also checked out this store. You can purchase the same styles in many stores around here for a fraction of the price. Also not impressed with the quality of the knit shirts.

Lyz said...

Noel - The fashion mags I have read say that "premium" denim retains it's color & fit longer, and has a better quality of denim. The fit is supposedly better, too, although I don't know how that can really be true for everyone.

Buying clothes at Hot Mama has this added drawback: If someone asks you where you got your cute top, you'd actually have to SAY "Hot Mama", which is enough of a deterent for me.

Aaron said...

Lyz, I really think the name is about the worst part. "Hot Mama" is something you should name your picante sauce.

$190 jeans... Some of this is selvage cut denim, which is unwashed and has a real cult following. Some folks in japan pay 4 or 5 times that for jeans. Of course, some "designer" jeans are just denim with a fancy label, only the true connoisseurs can tell the difference.

BONUS POINT: I spelled connoisseurs right on the first try.

Ruth said...

Number 1: The phrase "fashion tops" is kinda like saying "poopy butts." Not really, but you get the picture.

Number 2: And use of the word "mama" not actually spoken by a child always brings up a vision of Slater from saved by the bell calling Jessie Spano "mama."