Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Couple More Tidbits...

First, a couple of things I forgot to post earlier about the Jewel concert: If you've ever heard a live version of her songs, and then the studio-released single, you could probably guess that she is not an artist who has big sing-alongs at her concerts. It's kind of interesting, actually - it's not like you are just listening to a really loud album - it's obviously live, and she does all kinds of improvising with timing and even notes. However, the group of girls behind us (with the assistance of several alcoholic drinks, I'm sure) tried to sing along anyway. Thankfully they gave up quickly.

Providing some inadvertent comedy was the several middle-age ladies close to the stage who stood up during several songs, waving their cups of beer in the air like lighters at a Metallica concert. It was kind of sad. And really hilarious.

What song played for our exit, starting immediately after Jewel left the stage following her yodeling encore? You guessed it - I think it's obvious, really. Of course, it was MC Hammer's You Can't Touch This. Wha-haat? Topping this, though, was the fact that those same girls behind us tried to do the Hammer-dance, and one of them totally wiped out. I mean, she was sprawled on the ground, and knocked over a chair in the process. I was concerned she had broken her tailbone or something, but she got back up and started doing it again.

Second of all, as we are watching the election results, it is becoming more and more obvious that Fox anchor Shepard Smith may be a little less than human. I think it's the combination of too much tanning and Botox, but the more they show other male anchors, and then come back to "Shep", the more he seems to glow. And not in a good way.

Third, here's the conversation I had with Leah's friend A as I entertained her at the polls today:

A: Who do you think Leah is going to vote for?
Me: I don't know? Who do you think she should vote for?
A: I think she should vote for John McCain.
Me: Okay. I think she should vote for whoever makes the best cookies.
A: So, she's going to vote for you?

Just trying to keep it relatable, folks. And Addie's never had my cookies, so she is clearly a future politician - she knows just how to make her audience happy!


Noel said...

I think I had a Lyz-made cookie left over from Estrogen Fest a while back. The cookie was good, but the presentation and great color scheme for E-Fest is what stands out in my mind. I think Lyz would easily win the pastel states.

I'm watching ABC and not FOX, so don't need to worry about dermatology experiments gone awry. Should I be watching for Ruth amongst the masses at Grant Park in Chicago?

-- Noel from Moline, IL

nydampress said...

You know last night as we were scanning the different news stories we came across that anchor on fox.
I stated "He looks weird". We both then giggled heartily, and then we turned the channel.

Oh yeah, and OBAMA!! :)

Aaron said...

That exit music is an old DJ trick to get people to clear out; play the worst music you have and turn the lights on.

Also, Leah's friend A is already a pro butt-kisser. ;)