Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What are you doing online? Go eat turkey!

I'm not planning on posting for the next couple days or so, because I'll be busy hosting oh, TWENTY people for Thanksgiving. Aaron has six siblings here, and a couple of them brought spouses/kids. And my parents are coming, too.

Fortunately, according to Aaron's family tradition, whoever hosts is only responsible for the turkey - everyone else pitches is with the rest. Mostly. I am also making sweet potatoes, and curried pumpkin soup. I also got fancy olives for the relish trays, since I'll probably eat half of them anyways.

Friday morning SIL Erica and I are planning on doing some Black Friday shopping - I'll be sure to report back any great finds! It'll be the first time for me - I'm excited and nervous at the same time! I'm on the hunt for a new Leapster for Leah, since our new parenting philosophy is to have two of everything. Sharing is NOT allowed in this house.

Anyway. I'm very thankful for a house in which to host this crazy group (currently 4 of the brothers are transfixed by Guitar Hero World Tour) and I'm also thankful that I did, in fact, marry into this particular group.

Enjoy your blessings!


Noel said...

Um, the turkey's thigh needs to be 185 F before it is safe to eat. I think I'll hang out on line in the mean time.

Book Club member CB and her family will be joining us for lunch. This is a downsized gathering due to a cupboard falling off the wall in the kitchen and some plumbing issues earlier in the week. Dallas Cowboys kick off at 3 PM this afternoon.

One note on the two Leapsters: while you may eliminate the need to share hardware, there is still a need to share software, even if the disputed program is not age appropriate for one of the parties. Also, if there is a noticeable performance difference in the hardware, there will be conflict.

Ilene and the girls may go shopping tomorrow morning, so you may see them among the masses. I was with a European colleauge earlier this week and was trying to explain Black Friday. I got the "what" explained, but the "why" is another story.

Noel said...

Noel's Black Friday Report

* No waiting at the bank drive- through to make a deposit.

* Hornbachers had more workers than customers. Heard one worker say it was traditionally the least busy day of the year for the grocery store.

* Office Depot. The items I was interested in were long gone by 9:30 AM. The line at the cash registers was too long for picking up printer ink, so I put the ink back on the shelf and left.

* Looks like I'm the only one at the office today. The rest of the family was last seen heading to West Acres Mall.

Blue Castle said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I want to see pictures of your house when you get a chance. We were in your neighborhood on Wed, but refrained from popping in for a visit as I knew you were busy, busy getting ready for your company. You are quite the woman. Cooking for 20 people is quite an accomplishment.

Noel said...

Noel's Cyber Sunday Report
Daughter L wanted a canon sd1100is digital camera for her birthday in late October. She got a parental contribution and was to pay for the rest with her own funds. She is frugal and set a price which we have been watching for. Casually asking for a price match with no paper documentation a few weeks back at Best Buy, they came close, but she said "no".

Yesterday we stopped by with ad in hand and were told there was no price matching on Black Friday and Black Saturday.

Today, the camera is in the Best Buy ad for $50 less than the store price yesterday (or presumably on Friday). It is also less than the Amazon price.

Noel said...

Speaking of sharing issues, there is also the situation that arises when a child has better technology than the father....