Friday, November 21, 2008

Today's Accomplishments

1. Managed to get carpet installed without a hitch. (Not really my OWN accomplishment, and it's not finished as I'm typing this, but I'm still counting it.) The carpet looks much lighter in the actual room than it did on the sample - I'm glad we went with the darker one rather than the lighter. Finally, carpeting from the last decade!

2. Ran a successful MOMS Club meeting - it seemed kind of boring, but maybe that's cause we had about 10 less kids running around than usual. This is a very good kind of boring. The kind of boring that every mom strives for in her day.

3. Spent 1 1/2 hours at McDonald's without any major meltdowns. Except for Leah's, "I'm jealous cause everyone else has ice cream and I don't!" So I made her actually ask instead of whine, and then got her and Ben each a little baby cone - did you know they're free?!

4. Gave 2 preschoolers mini-soft serve ice cream cones without either of them dropping into the eater's lap.

5. Successfully convinced Leah to sit in a chair to eat her cone, despite her crying while insisting that "other kids are eating and playing!" Poor kid. She got an ice cream and then had to sit down to eat it. Don't you feel her pain? To me, this kind of a reaction is like a neon sign over her head flashing, "I NEED A NAP".

I'm planning on being out of the house as much as possible today. Maybe Target this afternoon? We are having dinner at Mom & Dad's and then spending the night there, partially to escape the fumes, but mostly to alleviate the whining from Leah: "When can I have a sleepover at Grandma's? When? When?" I tried to push the blame the other day and told her I didn't want to hear it anymore because it wasn't my decision - she had to talk to Grandma.

You're welcome, Grandma. She's all yours.


Noel said...

I don't think you're fair! If you are going to buy your kids ice cream and blog about it, you should get ice cream for everyone who reads your blog. See if I save you any birthday cake from the sleep over at my house tonight!

Lyz said...

Wow. If only I'd known that it would be ice cream to drive Noel to use not only exclamation points but also middle-school rationale (if you're going to do it for her, you have to for me also!).

You sank so far, so fast. Enjoy your ice cream and the lack of sleep that goes with that sleepover!

Noel said...

You are the second person to comment on how fast I sank today.

The first was referring to my wavering interest in getting a totally electric GEMcar with the BMW announcement of the Mini-E plug-in hybrid electric Mini Cooper this week. BMW is making the car available to 500 people in the US at an $800+/month lease rate. My colleague felt I was being impacted by the sultry Cadallac Escalade commercials shown during NFL games on Sundays(the cars with the 40 GB hard drives preferred by women who don't have cup holders as their primary car selection criteria.) If I wasn't driving an 8 year old minivan as my primary vehicle, I probably wouldn't be fantacizing about hybrids and PHEVs so much. Maybe the ice cream is just a coping mechanism....