Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Latest Leah-isms

Yesterday Aaron started putting down our new vinyl flooring. Since our water damage in, oh, August, this area has been concrete.

This flooring is in 1 ft wide sheets 3 ft long. It sticks to other sheets, but just floats on the floor. And it has the raised texture of wood, which is nice, because it actually has more grip than real wood. When we were looking at it in Home Depot, two separate salespeople mentioned that they had put in their own houses...that's a good recommendation, folks. The one lady said that she has 3 kids, 2 dogs, a husband who's a mechanic, and it doesn't have a scratch on it. She vacuums it with a ShopVac.

But I promised you a Leah story, not another boring home remodeling story!
After I got done clearing the breakfast dished this morning, I went to check on what the kids were up to. I found Leah rolling around on the new floor, still in her pj's of course, saying, "It's so be-yooo-ti-ful!"
The other day Mom was over here showing us the Dutch kids' clothing magazines she'd just received. (Sewers out there, I'll tell you this - ALL of the patterns in the mag were printed on top of each other in different colors. You are supposed to retrace the ones you want onto tissue. These are not basic patterns. Seems like a good torture practice.) Leah was looking through them with her, and then stated, "This is something I would totally wear."
And on the topic of Leah being four going on fourteen, my dad was over babysitting the other day. They had played Go Fish, and when they were done, he asked Leah to pick up the cards. And then World War III broke out. There was crying, yelling, and gnashing of teeth, which lead to some time in her room, where she screamed and cried some more. Eventually BEN picked them up, and did quite a good job, making sure that each was aligned properly. Of course.
I don't know what we are going to when she actually does hit puberty. God grant me patience.


Noel said...

Aaron padding his "Handy Husband of the Year Award" lead....

Speaking of Leah being 4 going on 14 and home improvements...The International Space Station turned 10 today and my daughter turns 14 on Saturday. So the ISS was just started when she was turning 4. Of course if Aaron had been the one building it, it would have been done long ago and he probably wouldn't have let that expensive tool bag drift away into space.

Another way to look at 4 going on 14 is more E for E-Fest, which I suspect is a deadline for your current round of home improvements.

Aaron said...

Leah sounds like a pill. Maybe she is constipated? Kate saw something like this on an episode of "Two and Half Men".

Noel said...

On second thought, if the ISS had doors coming from HD....

Ruth said...

holy crap, aaron. I can't wait until you have a four-year-old.

I DON'T WANNA ______.

You seem constipated today, honey.

Lyz said...

Ruth, I love you. Aaron, just wait. It'll be your day soon to deal with all the joys and pains of a small child.

Constipation is not really a problem with our children, btw.