Saturday, August 30, 2008

Leaving Babyhood behind

Ben and I have had a running conversation the last couple days. It goes something like this:

me: You're my big boy!
Ben: Ba-by!
me: No, you're a big boy! Big boys get to play with cars and balls and run around!
Ben: (grinning) Ba-by!

The goal of this debate is to convince Ben that he is, in fact, a big boy, and big boys don't use diapers. They use the potty. He has flat out refused to use any kind of potty OR to even try on the really cute Elmo big boy undies we got him.

That is, until today. We just bought him an Elmo potty chair and a seat to put on a regular toilet. Which he insisted for the whole drive home was a hat. Aaron said, "Yeah! A butt hat."

We walked in the door, and started talking about Ben taking a nap. Then he started waving the "hat" and Aaron asked if he wanted to use it. And he did use it! Even a little bit of #2! So I gave him a jelly bean (a miniature one, if you're concerned about the choking hazard) AND put a pair of the undies on him! Then laid him down for a nap, which could have disastrous results. But, usually he's dry after his nap anyway, so hopefully it won't scar him for life.

I'm just thrilled that we seem to have taken about 3 potty training steps in one day.


Noel said...

Sometimes it all clicks at once. Sometimes, like always putting the toilet seat down when done, can take decades to learn.

Did I metnion I was a lifetime learner?

Blue Castle said...

Someday you'll miss it when he's not your baby anymore. :)

Got a blog award waiting for you on my blog. :)

Aaron said...