Monday, December 1, 2008

The Turkey Has Left The House

We had spaghetti for dinner tonight. Because not only had I ordered groceries online and they're not due to show up until after 8pm, but also because spaghetti is my backup meal furthest from turkey and the fixings, and that's what I needed tonight.

Thanksgiving started for us on Wednesday with the arrival of Aaron's family. His parents, plus 6 siblings, plus 3 of their spouses (not sibs, as previously stated...thanks for the heads up, Erica!), plus 5 nieces/nephews. I fed a majority of them chili for dinner, with rice as my "stretcher". And Lisa broke out the cheesecakes. TWO of them. One with Ghiradelli chocolate.

Thursday was the big day, of course, with my parents making our number 22. NO, I did not do all the cooking. Yes, I was in the kitchen all morning, assisting and locating, and making some great curried pumpkin soup, but I actually didn't step foot in there afterwards - the family is amazing at pitching in and helping. In addition to the two cheesecakes, there were 4 pies and two pans of bars, plus lefse, of course. All sweet tooths (teeths? That sounds weird.) were satisfied.

We had a surprise baby shower for Josh & Erica that afternoon, featuring a stunning diaper cake made by yours truly. It was very fun, and best of all, a total surprise for at least Erica.

Then we ate again. Leftovers, of course.

Friday, the remaining ladies went Black Friday shopping, at varying times of insanity. That'll be a different post.

By that evening, we were left with oldest brother Marlen and youngest brother Josh (and wifey Erica, of course.) We relaxed Saturday after a trip to Barnes and Noble, and I finally cooked new food, corn chowder. Ben had mostly just corn and some banana bread. But alas, this child is also fodder for another post.
Sunday my brother Dave and SIL Jess, along with their soon-to-be-born baby, stopped by for lunch, which my mom so kindly got together for us while we were all at church. And shortly after that, Aaron's sister Lisa and hubby Mike stopped by on their way home from the Cities. They had blown a tire 5 miles out of town, and with their truck loaded with purchases from Ikea. Oops.
So we had a houseful again for awhile, and I loved it. Josh and Erica headed home that evening, and Marlen just flew out this afternoon. The food is all eaten or frozen, and I'm gradually polishing off the olives. Let Christmas begin.


Ruth said...

yay for the first of many family gatherings at the new house! congrats and take a break for three weeks.

JJ and EJ said...

I seriously teared up on the way home. I had such a great time! Thank you so much!

And, I think you meant (plus three of their spouses rather than sibs. again). :D

Blue Castle said...

It looks like you guys had fun. I bet you're glad to have a bigger house to host in. :)

kate said...

I hope one of these days we make it out for Thanksgiving. Seeing as how you have not seen (brother)Aaron on that day in oh, something like...8 thanksgivings :)

Looks fantastic! You are the Queen of hostesses!

Lyz said...

Ruth: You're kidding, right? On my calendar for the next week is an Estrogen Fest AND a Bible study coffee. I must be nuts.

EJ: We truly love having you guys here - glad it's mutual!

Castle: NEVER would have done this in the old house, that's for sure!

Kate: I'll only ask that you come out here once a year - not going to push it! My hostessing key: let others do as much of the work as possible!

Blue Castle said...

Could you be persuaded to post your curried pumpkin soup recipe? That sounds soooooo good. :)