Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Caution: Gorry Details Ahead

Ben woke around 12:45am last night sick. And I mean, he got sick. For some reason, I made Aaron go deal with the initial yells, not knowing that there was actually a good reason behind it this time. We repeated the scene two more times, all about 15-20 minutes apart. You know, long enough for Mom and Dad to just about calm down and doze off. Then the blood curdling cries would start again.

Leah was a champ - she'd wake up, of course, but went right back to sleep every time. What a girl!

After sick #3, we laid him on towels on our floor. About an hour later, and 3-4 more bouts, Aaron finally went downstairs to sleep since the poor guy had to work today AND is on call tonight. I put Ben into bed with me, so I could relax a bit more - at least I didn't have to maneuver out of bed quite so quickly. At about 5am we both finally got to sleep for awhile straight. The poor little guy, every time he'd wake up he'd say, "I tired..." and a couple of times wanted to go watch TV or play!

He ate 2 pieces of toast this morning and kept them down pretty well - slept for an hour, then another incident just before lunch. Immediately after he ate some crackers and plain Sunchips...then ANOTHER incident around 2pm. At 3pm I made him lay down with me, and he slept for an hour and a half while my mom gave Leah some one-on-one attention - thanks, Mom!

Then ANOTHER incident shortly after Aaron got home from work at 4:30...Nothing for dinner - he wouldn't touch the plain spaghetti noodles, but then ate a handful of grapes. I'm really hoping I don't regret that later.

He seems to feel great immediately after being sick. Like, whackadoodle great - jumping, running, climbing...normal stuff. When he doesn't feel well, he puts his hands over his mouth and his eyes get really big!

So anyway. I haven't showered today, because I didn't dare leave him along that long. I did nap for a bit this morning on the couch while they played, and then this afternoon with Ben, so I don't feel completely dead. I do wish I could make my little guy feel better, though! He's not running a temperature, and really has no other symptoms. Leah has never been sick for this long, and it really stinks because, of course, it's hampering my social life! We skipped my women's Bible study this morning, because of both a sense of social responsibility and physical exhaustion. Tomorrow Mom is taking Leah to gymnastics, and then hopefully Aaron will be able to stay with him in the afternoon so I can run errands (he has tomorrow pm off.)

But even MORE hopefully, my baby will be all better by tomorrow. Let's all pray and cross our fingers, 'cause a sick three-year old is no fun for anyone.


Blue Castle said...

Oh the joys of motherhood. :) Hope he's feeling better soon, and that no one else gets sick. Ugh, that's awful.

Noel said...

Hopefully Es-Fest won't get displaced by Mess-Fest...