Monday, April 20, 2009

Where I've Been

No, this is not the intro to my life story. (Which, incidentally, would read like this: Anchorage, Hebron, Bismarck, Heeebrroooon, Nevada MO, Grand Forks, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Rochester MN, Fargo)

After not blogging for TWO WHOLE DAYS and then my usual weekend break, I feel I need to account for my whereabouts. Mostly so you can pity me and my poor family that had to deal with me.

Wednesday night was the first real-ish performance of the play I directed at church. This is not just some little play, folks. It was two acts, with a cast of 20 - all in grades 8-11. The play was the "theater" part of the annual fundraising dinner theater that the youth put on - complete with free childcare on site AND valet parking (by adults!). A silent auction is also part of the evening. So yes, it's kind of a big deal.

But anyway - Wednesday's performance was just for the youth and their friends, and was just the play portion. We drove to church and ate together as usual, but from then on, I was with the students - and didn't get home until almost 9pm.

Thursday is the night we host Bible study at our house. Kids weren't in bed until 8:30pm. (Usually they hit the hay between 7:30 & 8pm)

Friday was the first night of the dinner theater. I left the house as soon as Aaron got home, leaving him not only with both kids but ALSO with dinner to make. Wasn't that so nice of me? I spent my evening giving last suggestions to my actors and watching the play from the balcony. Got home at about 8:45pm.

Saturday we all went to the dinner theater, along with my parents and a couple friends from a nearby town. This time, I went up to chat with my students a couple of times, but mostly I stayed downstairs and socialized. It was a very fun evening, and our wiped out kids went to bed at 9:15pm. Eeks! Leah was "too tired" to do anything - like go potty, put on pj's, etc - and Ben was starting to get a second wind.

Sunday we left at 9am for Grand Forks, to attend our niece MVJ's baby dedication! We were especially honored to be asked to be her godparents. After brunch at a golf course's restaurant, we headed home - with Ben sleeping the entire time, including another hour at home, and Leah sleeping ZIPPO.

So it's been a busy four or five days! But let me get back to those students and the play...

It went great! The kids knew their lines and their places - they even put in some extra funny touches! The audiences responded with lots of laughter to the plentiful jokes...most of which we'd forgotten were even IN the play. I was very impressed with what the kids were capable of, especially since we hadn't worked with the complete set until Monday night, and we hadn't had sound effects until Wednesday. (Isn't that kind of insane?! I was totally freaking out!)

There was very little I would change about the show, from casting to final touches...everything pretty much went as well as it could have. It was a great experience, and I had fun getting back in touch with two of my interests - theater and working with youth.

But man. Am I glad it's done!


Noel said...

And thanks much for directing the play! Also thanks for letting some other people submit winning bids in the silent auction(unlike a recent year ;-) Although one Book Club member behaves this year and two others get mischevious...

So lets see, Es-fest and Book Club coming up...I'll need to get a good Double Daughter/Daddy Date lined up for the weekend. Looks like Aaron will get some 2-on-1 time as well.

Kim said...

Great job directing Joe-Bob ! I had great fun on the side with the auction too as Noel eludes to...

Noel said...

It should also be noted that being a responsible wife and mom, Lyz was home by 9 PM on Friday night vs going to the cast party which ran until midnight.

Lyz said...

I did win a couple of items in the auction, and was too busy chatting to notice who else won...Have to hear about it later!

And WHY wouldn't I drive 20 minutes away to a party filled with high schoolers? Sounds like an ideal way to spend my time! Seriously, I would have stopped in and said hi if it had been closer. I heard the kids had fun, though!