Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sometimes Things Just Work Out

Today was Ben's birthday - officially. The party is coming on Saturday. But he still got to commemorate the day with lunch at McDonald's after gymnastics (where BOTH parents were present...what a treat!) and then a trip to Target to pick out a couple of presents. Which were selected by Mom and Dad. A game, Let's Go Fishing! (which we got for $5 at Target?!), and an indoor/outdoor activity, this ring-toss game.

Previously I had gone over and scoped out the scene. almost buying him this Thomas set. Then I called Aaron for approval, and he reminded me that my lovely friend Joanne had offered us her son's Thomas collection, which he's outgrown. She brought two bags of stuff to church tonight, and included was the Roundhouse! And two of the engines that go with it...leaving room for the two that he already has. I think I am just as excited as Ben will be when he opens it Saturday morning.

My plan is to temporarily put away the wooden tracks, since his interest has waned, and just keep out this plastic set for awhile.

Also, on the way to church tonight I found myself thinking about birthday traditions, and how I let Leah pick her birthday dinner last year. What, I thought, would Ben have chosen if we weren't eating at church? Chicken and rice. And he seems to really like my goulash version of chicken fried rice best.

And WHAT do you think the church (well, head chef Joy G) was serving tonight? That's right - chicken fried rice and fruit salad, with ice cream for dessert. Ben ate two adult sized servings of the rice, with seconds on the fruit, also.

Then he got to go home with Daddy and play with the two gifts we got that afternoon. I guess the fishing game was a huge hit, and the ring toss game lasted 15 seconds. AND he got to watch Daddy play Mario Kart for a bit.

I can only hope that Auntie Ruth and Uncle Aaron had as good of a day.


Stacie said...

Yay for fun birthday's! Happy 3rd Birthday Ben! Hope you had a wonderful day :)

Blue Castle said...

Happy Birthday to Ben!

nydampress said...

What a lucky little guy, lots of attention on his birthday AND a party on the weekend!
Look forward to hearing (and seeing don't forget to post those pics!) all about it.