Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Earth Day Idea

Here's my big idea for Earth Day, which obviously requires no actual work or effort on my part: Retailers, stop printing the extra receipts! Stop with the requests for evaluations promising a chance at $5000. Stop with the coupons for products I just purchased. Stop with the extra 5 inches of receipt paper explaining the entire return policy in explicit legalese.

In fact, let's just stop printing those receipts at all for purchases under $20, especially when they are by credit card and/or for disposable items like my Starbucks coffee. Come one, WHAT am I going to do with that piece of paper?

Most large stores have credit card look-up available for returns, and a lot of us do our banking online - so why do we need that receipt? If you do, let's actually request it, instead of it being automatic.

Well, I might have gotten ahead of myself there -after all, at my beloved Target, having the receipt for my purchase has gotten me out of two scrapes:

1) I bought a pair of rubber boots, which of course went on sale the next week. I brought in my receipt and got my $5 back - which may not be much, but it did pay for my coffee!

2) On one shopping trip, I brought a top up to the register, and after a price check decided I didn't really need it. On examining my receipt later, I noticed that I had still been charged for it. Thanks to my receipt, I got the refund over the phone - and that surely would have been $18 I'd have been out otherwise. And that's a LOT of coffee!

So, let's keep the receipts. But not all the other brouhaha that seems to come with them these days! Really, my purse is already crowded - I don't need more junk.


Noel said...

I think Culvers only gives a receipt when requested...which I do so I can file my business trip expense report.

At McDonalds, the credit card receipt is also used by the counter person to make sure the order is fulfilled.

Northwest, now a part of Delta, provides one piece of paper as a boarding pass vs one piece of paper per flight segment. They also have a system where the bording pass is downloaded to your cell phone and you present the cell phone. I haven't tried that.

And how about taxing junk mail? Seems that a lot of my personal trash arives with bulk mail postage, requires my time to sort through in the event something has personal info that needs to be shredded rather than recycled or tossed, either of the latter requiring additional handling.

Joanne said...

I totally agree on this post!! I hate receipts too.

Suzi said...

Great idea Lyz.

All those extra pieces of paper fill up my wallet too, where are we supposed to put them all. I wish Target had a box we could check to stop getting those credit card offers for which I am "pre-approved."

And I don't care about surveys, maybe if I got a 15% off coupon (like JCP), but most would just register you to win a prize, which probably registers me for more junk mail too.

I was at ToysRUs the other week and was really annoyed cause they ask you all these questions (I think it was 5), have you heard about this, or that, do you want to apply for a card... Then I got my 3 page receipt. (Although I did request the gift receipt). A few days later I had to go back within a few days and listen to the same thing over again and say no no no no no. Seriously, how many people decide at that exact moment the cashiers asks, that they should get the credit card. Well maybe other people do, since they ask us every time.

Aaron said...

I would gladly take receipts from everywhere if it meant I could stop receiving telephone books. What a waste they are. Everybody I know just uses the intertubes if they need to look up a number.

haighfamily1 said...

Hey, Lyz!
Can you email me about the swap. I need your address so I can mail stuff to you.