Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Colitis Stinks.

My good friend Christina has been struggling with ulcerative colitis for the last 13 years, and opted to have her colon surgically removed this past fall. Although this surgery will have obvious influences in her life, it will take away the "flare ups" that make colitis sooo much fun and hopefully cure her disease.

(Incidentally, Christina is the friend that first held an Estrogen Fest! She was also a downline - er, recruit- of mine when I was a Creative Memories consultant.)

Now, Christina and her mom and sister are hoping to participate in a half-marathon to raise money for a cure for ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. They are 41% of the way to their goal of $16,500, but need to be at 50% by May 4th. Here's the link for Christina's story, their cause, and their fundraising efforts. You can make a donation here too!

Check it out!


Ruth said...

best blog title ever.

i encourage all others to follow my philanthropic example and donate in any amount! it's more than likely that you know someone with this crohns or colitis or IBD or whatever---they are just way to polite to tell you.

Lyz said...

No, "Walking for the runs" would have been the best post title ever (it's Christina's team motto!) but I forgot to include it at all!

Crohn's/colitis IS way more common than you'd think - but most don't like to draw attention to their bowel movements!

Ruth said...


ahhhhh...siiiigh...walking the runs.....heeeeee...