Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Protege

There is a guest blogger over at my sweet sister-in-law's blog that you just HAVE to check out.

We had 8 of Aaron's family members in town this weekend: brother Marlen & his wife Annie, bachelor brothers Peter & Bradley, brother Josh & his wife Erica (with niece MVJ!), and of course, his folks Bobbie & Clarence. Only "the boys" and Josh & Erica stayed here. The visitors arrived Friday evening, and left today at noon. And we did spend a decent portion of our time sleeping. But we still managed to consume an absurd number of beverages, including 20 cans of soda. TWENTY.


JJ and EJ said...

She is quite the little story teller -- and reader! My oh my! I know I'm her auntie and all, but she is so smart! : )

JJ and I shared one soda, so ... 19 more to account for! ; ) I'm guessing some went in the trash as well... so the number could be higher!

Noel said...

But 20 cans / 10 people over 2 days is ONE can of pop per person per day...that's notable because????

Also did any of them get to the library grand opening yesterday? There was what looked like JJ carying MVJ, but the adult female in the group didn't look like EJ.

Lyz said...

No, there was no library journey this weekend.:)

Also, the soda intake seems especialy large to me because, as EJ said, they shared 1 the whole weekend, and I only had one...I'm guessing that two-thirds of the sodas were consumed (at least partially - that another pet peeve of mine!) by 2 or 3 people. Not nameing names or anything.

We also polished off 3 1/2 liters of soda water for Italian sodas.

Noel said...

Middle schoolers are also prone to partially consumed cans :-/

I second the pet peeve.

Aaron said...

"wounded soldiers" - half-empty/full cans of beverages left over after a party.

You should let Leah write stuff for your blog! Ben too!

Lyz said...

Aaron, I forgot the wounded soldier reference!

Maybe Leah will appear on this blog for her birthday recap...