Thursday, April 2, 2009

This Stupid House

Let me get this out of the way, first: In general, we love our house. It is in a great location in a great neighborhood, has an awesome floor plan, yadda yadda yadda.

But we are gradually discovering some very stupid things about it, too.

For instance, that the wet bar was place on TOP of the carpet, not on the cement floor underneath. Which meant that the entire bar had to be taken apart and moved when a drain clogged and we had water on that carpet.

And that when the siding was changed at some point in the past, the ventilation wasn't done properly, which led to water damaged walls & ceiling in a bedroom. (Currently in the process of being replaced.)

And for some reason, the tub's faucets in our master bath will immediately shoot out water of the correct temperature with a hurricane's force, but the shower immediately next to it needs 5 minutes warm up time, with much LESS than hurricane-type water pressure. Why? We're not sure.

The latest discovery came this morning. The kids and I had emptied everything out of their (now shared) closet so that Aaron could paint it. He and I were hanging out in there, discussing various plans...I was saying how I really wanted a new closet system because that one drives me nuts - it has a shelving system in the middle, but the shelves are so deep I can barely reach the back. But really, it's an okay set up, so we went back & forth trying to decide: get something different or put up with "okay"?

We started dismantling the present system and soon our decision was made for us. Instead of putting the shelf on TOP of the carpet, they cut it away for the legs. Which means there are two long skinny cuts in the floor of the closet. The floor trim was cut around the shelf, too. BUT THE SHELF WAS BARELY ATTACHED TO THE WALL. One screw. Which didn't even go through the Sheetrock - we didn't need any tools to remove it entirely. So why on earth didn't they take it out for the carpet install?

Anyway, as Aaron said, we're sticking with what we've got. Maybe we'll paint it white to make it less hideous. I'll post photos later...

And we'll just wait in anticipation for the next stupid thing to present itself.


Noel said...

Obviously prior residents didn't have people as handy as Aaron to do the home projects. Consider yourself spoiled in that regard.

Two key attributes of your home not mentioned were: (1) very high ground and (2) convenient to major land evacuation routes. As I pondered the contents of my garage and a crest of 43 feet last week, I wondered if a raft made of "fun noodles" and a cooler full of food would have gotten my family to Grand Forks where we could have then clung to one of the bridges until being rescued....

Ruth said...

ahem ahem. bathroom window.


AJ said...

My favorite is the way the walls in our house look like a texture sample board. Popcorn, orange peel, knock down, grab some mud and throw it at the wall. All are represented.
Also it's funny that where we live we have the only house in a quarter mile radius that does not have one tree in the back yard. Any tree experts feel free to give advice.

Suzi said...

Suggestion about the shower: check to make sure there is no water reducer installed inside the shower head. Years ago when Cory lived in GF, his shower pressure sucked too in his apartment. He moved out and his aunt moved in and took over his lease. A few weeks later she removed some type of water reducer (to save money for the landlord we assume) from the shower head, and it was much more normal.

Of course that doesn't explain the lag time between the hot water in the shower and faucet, but it's worth checking out the shower head to see if something is inside. Or it could be some low flow type shower head too I suppose.