Thursday, March 25, 2010

Also, Adam is eating pork. KABAM!

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Ben seems to have no clue when he has to poop, and this has lead to multiple pairs of undies in a day - like, five. This rapidly depletes the supply, as I currently do laundry one day a week. We had to go to training undies last week out of desperation.

Leah drew on the kids' art table with marker. AGAIN. This has become an issue, and the last time it happened, it (along with numerous caps left marker-free) pushed me over the edge and I said that the next time, the markers would be put away for awhile. So they were, and Leah tried to clean up the mess. Washable markers, but not ALL the dye comes off.

Adam managed not to destroy anything.
Has anyone ever rented a motorhome? Aaron has a dream of our family taking one on a cross-country trek someday, since a family of five is rather hard on a host. Unfortunately, we live in the middle of nowhere, and the only websites are for rentals out of Minneapolis.

Trying to get swimming lessons set up for the kids, against Ben's will. Not that he has ANYTHING to base his refusal on - he likes the water and has never had lessons. Too bad, said Mom. This isn't something he gets a choice in- it's a matter of safety. Besides he will enjoy it. But he was born to say NO.

Anyway, it looks like I'm going to try to get them in the spring session - once a week for 9 weeks. Lucky for me, their classes meet at the same time, and it is after Adam's nap time. Should work out perfectly?

Swimming lessons are one thing that Aaron and I are in agreement about. I took them for years, as did all my siblings. Aaron, however, since he has so MANY more sibs than I do, missed out. I think he still regrets not learning, and we really feel that it is a life skill that's pretty much necessary for kids to learn.

I have been getting up early to do a "quiet time" with God. I am always convicted about my lack of prayer life, and now am finally doing something about it. I am telling you this not to brag, but so that you can hold me accountable. It's not easy to get up when the house is quiet and dark, but it's also not easy to concentrate with random nap schedules and reliable whining in the background. In order to actually be consistent, an entirely new time of day was required.

Of course, the biggest problem with getting up early is that means I have to also go to sleep earlier, and that is just not how I am hardwired. Nighttime has always been a great time of day for me to hang out, but now with three little people running/being carried around, it's also the time of day that I don't have to worry about other people's bodily functions. It will be hard to give that up, and I just may end up being more tired for a while until I get it figured out.

That's what's going on around here! What's new for you guys?


Noel said...

Dave and Mary S. at church have a motorhome. They like it, but as we've been visiting places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, etc I haven't been envious of the beasts on narrow, winding roads and crowded parking lots. Between rental cost and low gas mileage, I don't recall them being much cheaper than hotels when I've looked. Since a family of 5 doesn't fit nicely in the standard two queens in hotels, the hotel option is more limited, though. Typically it will be two queens and a cot or sofa.

As for quiet times, may I recommend an iPod Touch with the Bible and a Kindle reader for other materials such as devotionals and even Jane Austen books. Fits in a pocket or purse and can be pulled out in those odd moments waiting for kids to get out of school etc. Kindle will hopefully be coming to Android phones soon.

Noel said...

One other thought on the motorhome rental : have you checked with McLaughlin's here in town?

Terri V said...

I have had Bella doing swimming lessons minus the one winter session and the summer through the YMCA for a year. I am thinking of putting her in the one from my work since it is everyday and is only 35 or 30 depending on the weeks and each session is 2 weeks long. I just have to figure out when gymnastics is going to be this summer and see if I can get her in at a time that works for the whole summer and not just the last 2 weeks. Bella also has had markers taken away minus the color wonder markers but none the less we aren't allowed to have markers either from coloring on ourselves or the kiddie table.