Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just another project!

My mom is an amazing seamstress - I believe I have already established this fact. In fact, quilting, sewing dresses for Leah, and helping me with my projects just weren't enough for her - she had to go start her own enterprise.

About a year ago she came across this adorable baby jacket pattern, sewed up a small pile, and had my pal Crystal sell them at the Downtown Street Fair. Thanks to the incredibly cool temps, she sold almost all of them in the three days. This was all the encouragement Mom needed. She delved into the world of designer flannel and pretty chenilles & corduroys with joy.

After putting together another dozen or so, I finally convinced her to let me open an Etsy store for her. Another 6 months or so of nagging later, I finally got it all put together. Friend Tara is helping us out with some photography and programming (banner, business cards to match) and thankfully is happy to be paid in chenille & flannel, in form of a jacket for the youngest of her sons.

So the store is open! After MUCH deliberation over the name, we decided on Lizzy Maye. This seems completely self-serving, but hey. If Mom wants to name the store after her daughter, who am I to argue? I was pushing for Lizzy KAY, which is Mom's middle name, but that was already taken, and Mom kept calling it Lizzy Maye anyway. Apparently she and her girlfriends in grade school would tack "May" onto their names as a pet name.

Want to see how cute these jackets are? Check THIS out:

The buttons are firetrucks and a Dalmatian. I love them!

Now, if you are familiar with Etsy, you know all about "favorites". Right now, LizzyMaye is the favorite of 2 people - my SIL artist Kate, and Kate's mom. I am so, so grateful for their support - won't more of you join them? I think this would really help the credibility of our little endeavor. If you've never heard of Etsy, let me tell you - if you appreciate handmade items of ANY kind, you are going to love it. It is super easy to create a login for Etsy, and I'm sure you'll find lots of pretty, fun, or interesting items to attract your attention. It's a wonderful place to find a special gift, too.

We have sold our first jacket! And I'm hoping that as the weather gets warmer, more moms will be looking for the perfect level of warmth for their little ones. If you know someone looking, or need a baby gift, check us out! I am listing new ones every day, both for girls and boys, from infants to 2t. I'm even thinking about adding some smaller items of my own - baby booties, trimmed burp cloths, and some baby rattles. You know, in all of my spare time.


Any entrepreneurs out there? Any fans of Etsy? If so, link your favorite store - I'd love to check it out.


Noel said...

Please note that cute baby is not included in the purchase of the coat. Taxes and shipping charges may apply.

Lyz said...

Oh yes! I should have noted on the listing that the baby was not included.:)

Hannah said...

WHAT!! No one told me your mom was selling, and I am definetly buying. Some of my favorite things from childhood are the thing she has made. The Pom-Pom Wall Hanging,and The Rainbow Afghan top the list... But now a store...Oh I heart your mom's Art!