Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mischief Managed

A naughty leprechaun visited our house today while we were picking up Leah from school. Here is evidence of the destruction:

That silly guy threw the contents of a grocery bag AND a Target bag all over the floor, and also tipped over several chairs. He made a trail of clovers where he went - a quick trip, since he was obviously late - from the front door to the garage door. In all his business, he also forgot a few of his things, which I told the kids it was okay if they kept - a couple hats, and a couple shamrock necklaces.
Since I've never had a run-in with a leprechaun before, I had to think quickly to answer Leah's questions:
"Is there anything up on the counter?"
- "No - I think leprechauns are kid-sized."
"How did he get in?"
- "Oh, they are kind of like the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and fairies - magical." (This was also my clue to her that the green guys aren't real, but she chooses to believe in fairies BIG TIME.)
"No leprechauns came last year..."
- "I think they only visit if ALL the kids in the house are wearing green." (I'm especially proud of this one!)
"The leprechauns made all this mess, and now we have to pick it up?"
- "That's probably why they left the gold chocolate coins, to pay you for helping them."
"Why chocolate coins? Don't they have any real gold?"
- "They probably figured that kids would like chocolate better."
Leah ate all this up, and took the mess as proof that leprechauns are real. Thankfully, I added the caveat that they ONLY visit - from Ireland- on St. Patrick's Day.

Now the kids and I are immersed in a recipe for white & green striped gelatin treat. I know, I know - we skip Santa, the Easter Bunny, Halloween, and haven't figured out what to do with the Tooth Fairy yet...why leprechauns, of all things?!

Well, I feel like my kids are missing out of some of the magic and surprise of those holidays, not to mention the opportunity of a family tradition. St. Patrick's Day, although there are some religious aspects to it (like the "Saint" part) isn't a religious holiday. Therefore, this secular celebration isn't taking our attention away from our faith.

Also, it's kind of fun to trick your kids, and I have always liked a good no-injury prank. I'm already thinking up variations for future years - maybe the leprechaun will visit different rooms each year? Visit at different times of the day? I like the idea of the unexpected. (This year, I decided that our mornings have ENOUGH distractions.)


Any Irish celebrations at your house today? Any leprechaun lore that I should be aware of? (I did NO research, obviously.) Particular pranks that I can include next year?


Aaron said...

I heard there is a great Leprechaun movie. It stars Jennifer Aniston. Maybe check that out? ;)

Noel said...

This might be a bit longer term than next year, but Focus on the Family has a two part Adventures in Odyssey on St Patrick (included in album 31: days to remember). Good listening for a family road trip. I think Salem library used to have some Odyssey CDs.

As for lost teeth, we did Sacajawia dollars for each tooth. For a while, there was a theory floating around that our hamster was really the tooth fairy. Most recent coins were issued a few weeks ago for three teeth pulled at the dentist office.

Ruth said...

great photos! i was just talking to someone about our easter (indoor) candy hunt traditions, and i loved that so much. i think it's why i still love getting people together for easter and playing games.

way to be a cool mom! (by the way, who was the leprechaun?)

Jeannie said...

Oh, this is hilarious!

Check out the Veggie Tale movie "Sumo of the Opera". At the beginning they have a short (yet educational and funny) cartoon about St. Patrick and his faithfulness to spread the gospel.

Maybe next year I'll scatter Lucky Charms across the kitchen floor...

Lyz said...

Aaron - I'm wary of ANY Jennifer Aniston movie.

Noel - The Sacajawea dollars sound like a good move! Now, if only we had a hamster...and NO, I don't really want one!

Ruth - I "supervised" the mischief while Ben was waiting in the van. Not having an easter egg hunt is one of the hardest parts of no Easter bunny.

Jeannie - Thanks for the tip! We'll have to track that one down...