Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Toy Story

We have this wooden peg puzzle by Melissa & Doug. When you put the piece in the correct spot, it makes the animal's sound (or a kind of approximation of it). A few days after this puzzle entered our house, we were sitting at the table eating lunch. The puzzle was in the middle of the living room floor, and all of a sudden an animal sound went off. Twice. Did I mention that we were ALL at the table?!

We decided that the sensor on the puzzle must be heat or light activated, and the sun coming in the window and shining on the puzzle had set it off. It happened every time the sun went behind a cloud. This has happened since then also, and it startles me every time. Probably because the animals all sound like they are being devoured.

As surprising as those noises are, they are nothing compared to what I experienced one night when Adam was sick. We were in the living room around 4am, trying to catch some sleep between Adam's bouts of crying. He had just dozed off, and I was swiftly following, until I was startled by an spastic electronic alarm.

You know that jolt when you wake up with a shot of adrenaline? Adrenaline that comes from trying to quiet a noise so as to prevent a sick child from being woken up?

I quickly tracked the noise to a toy box in another room, where somehow a button on a firetruck had been pressed. This particular firetruck has a learning system, so the voice was stuttering, "Wh-wh-wh-wh-which shape is it?" That truck may have made it's last squawk in my house.

Also, a few times I've heard a crash, gone into the EMPTY room, and found a tub of toys dumped over - like it had been hanging from it's rack by just a hair, when gravity took over.


Any possessed stuff at your house? Or creepy toys? Or stuff you are or have thrown out just 'cause it's more annoying than it's worth?

Also, any plans for St. Patrick's Day? I'm anticipating a leprechaun visit while we are picking up Leah from school - will have photographic evidence for you doubters.:)


Melissa said...

We had a toy that would randomly go off. It was that fisher price learning puppy, and it would say, "I see you!". Creepy!!

JJ and EJ said...

I had a Rugrats clock that would talk at each hour. One time I was home by myself (in high school) when all of a sudden Chuckie said, "I don't think that's a good idea!" Only, I didn't remember that clock talked, and it freaked me out. I snuck around trying to uncover the intruder or whatever until I remembered the clock and calmed down (a little). : )

Stacie said...

We've had a few crazy toys like that & I usually get rid of them. We also had the same puzzle & it did the same thing. Must be a short circuit.
No plans for St. Pattys just yet but I'm trying to come up with something fun...and green!

Jeannie said...

Yes, they've been known to call out from the bottom of a toy box...quite freaky.

Remember those Madagascar Happy Meal toys? My husband and I were driving along on date night, having a nice UNINTERRUPTED conversation, when from behind my seat, Gloria the Hippo said, "I know that's right!" HILARIOUS.