Friday, March 26, 2010

In the WIN column:

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- Last night, had uninterrupted sleep. No baby crying. No pre-schooler whining. No kindergartner with bad dreams.

- Woke up feeling...what is this strange experience....refreshed.

- Did my hair a little differently, put some extra time into getting dressed, and was rewarded by a friend saying I looked cute.

- Listened to memory verses for Leah's class. Knew the verse myself, and got to hear Leah rattle it off, then tell another mom that she "knew it like the back of her hand!"

- Picked up breakfast for myself at McD's - egg mcmuffin, yogurt parfait, mocha. Thank YOU, couponing, for the lack of guilt!

- At playgroup, got to meet one great new mom, and talk to another one more.

- Adam took a little nap!

- NO FIGHTS at playgroup. Not even between the kids. (haha!)

- Leah went home with a friend for a playdate, so I didn't have to rush to pick her up.

- Mom pulled into the driveway just as I was unloading the kids, and stayed to have lunch & entertain Ben.

- Aaron came home for lunch, and appreciated that I remembered to borrow the last 2 Twilight books for him. (Oops - did I just out him? He read the books before I did!)

- Adam took an almost 2 hr nap. His afternoon naps have become reliably longer, which is a blessing since a couple months ago they were more like 1 hr tops.

- Adam has also belched - loudly- several times today. This just cracks me up! He's belched since the day after he was born. Good thing I am as mature as a seventh grader.

- Got 2 bathrooms cleaned & the downstairs vacuumed. Also, made homemade pizza dough for a dinner of pizza rollups.

- Ben pooped on the potty! Not a ton, but he gets an A for effort, and also a new car. (Every time I say that, I think it should sound like Bob Barker: "And behind this door....A NEW CAR!") Of course, it took him 2 pairs of undies, but we're being positive here.

- Adam munched his way through dinner, so we were spared the incessant whining and demanding to be on our laps wreaking havoc with everything in arm's reach.

- Leah & Ben are currently playing happily with a combination of 4 different Little People sets. I KNEW those were a good idea.

- Got in the mail a gift from Etsy for a friend's birthday...and it's so awesome I'm putting it on my own wishlist. If I can wait that long. (I'd link to the store or something, but that would kindasorta give away the surprise...)

- Now it's time to start getting the baby to bed, and then those big kids...and then Aaron will be home!


Hope you all are also having a lovely Friday! Enjoy the weekend!


Noel said...

And what about the beautiful Sunday afternoon weather? Hope you got to enjoy some after play practice today. Coffee on the patio season has begun!

Surferstar said...

You are a pretty good writer, you should get your own web address for your blog, not that it matters that much. But it is nice to have your own domain name.

Lyz said...

Noel - Yes, in fact, we spent most of the rest of the afternoon Sunday outside! I may have to start having tea on our patio...:)

Surferstar - What a nice complement! I'm a little intimidated by the whole "host your own" blog thing. Scary!