Monday, March 1, 2010

Restraining Order

Last weekend I took the kids to the mall. And I got a good parking spot, right in front of the food court entrance. On a Saturday morning! I was so relieved, since that little jaunt involved a stroller, baby, & two mobile kids.

The trip went well and after lunch at McDonald's we were headed back to the van. Just as we crossed the road to the parking spaces, another van pulled in the row behind us. Did I mention that I had a good parking spot? WELL, it was sooo good that that van stalked our parking space before I had even reached the vehicle.

I had to put Adam, with his infant seat into the van (did I mention that he weighs 21 lbs? So that would be at least 25 with the seat), herd the big kids to their side, throw the shopping bags in the van, collapse the stroller and shove it in the back of the van, then go around and buckle Ben into his seat, and finally get in and get the keys in the ignition.

This happened one other time, when I only had 2 kids - but some minivan coveted my parking spot enough to sit and wait for it. That time I got all panicky, trying to hurry up and get everything done fast. Nearly gave myself a heart attack, and left all rattled.

Now? Not so much. If they have enough time on their hands to wait for a mom of three to get her poop in a group, they can just sit there as long as I need them to. I took a deep breath, and took my time.

Take THAT, parking lot stalker.


Noel said...

Please let my wife know how much you appreciate it when able-bodied middle-aged and teen-aged people park away from the food court entrance so open spots can be left for moms with young kids (and don't waste time and gas cruising for a close-in spot to open up).

mama.nichols4 said...

I love it! I struggle with feeling rushed by parking lot stalkers also.

I don't mind the jaunt across the parking lot, assuming I have everyone in order, etc. That leads back to one of your previous posts.