Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Remember the fall?

Remember that perfect time of year? When the sun starts setting earlier, and air turns crisp, and leaves are falling?

Whaaat? You mean it's almost spring? Oh well. I love fall.

This little album is perfect for those lovely days, whether you are remembering them or planning a trip for this year. It is 7x7, and includes 12 pages.
If you'd like to add this little guy to your collection, you can enter my giveaway this week! Just leave a comment and tell me about the favorite scrapbook that you've made or received.
Also, if you want to increase your odds of winning, become a Facebook fan (search for Modern-Day Jane) and leave a comment on the page. AND, you can get another entry by following me on Twitter and sending me a tweet @mdjane. My kids will randomly choose a winner next Thursday morning - the contest ends Wednesday at midnight.
Even if you are not a scrapbooker, this would make a lovely gift for someone, since it isn't available anymore. If you'd like a Creative Memories consultant to help you track down the page protectors to go with it, you can contact my lovely consultant Jen B.
Okay. Enough of that "business" stuff. I have to tell you about my son Ben and how he has some mad negotiation skillz. Today we went grocery shopping and I had promised that we would buy "gourmet" muffins at the bakery for snack. There were about 8 types to choose from. I'd say, "You can have THIS cranberry one, or THIS blueberry one, or THIS lemon poppyseed one. Which would you like?" And he'd silently point to the turtle muffin - chocolate with carmel topping.
Repeat the scene, but this time pointing to another type piled high with frosting.
Repeat again. And again. FINALLY I caught on and threatened to just pick one for him myself, and he finally went with the cranberry.
Good choice, my son. Good choice.


mama.nichols4 said...
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MyGreenSide said...

How cute is that album?!? I'm so far behind on scrapbooks, I can't even begin to tell... suffice it to say I could use the fall themed album for any one of numerous years. Couple that with recently discovering I did all my previous scrapbooks the wrong way, definitely NOT Creative Memories worthy! So pick me, pick me! :)

mama.nichols4 said...

Hmm.. I won a silent auction for a sage green 12x12 album with a seal on the front.

However, my favorite album is probably one of the two ABC albums I've completed (yes, only two albums have actually been completed!)

And, I still like fall! :P

Noel said...

OK, I'm entering to win it for the scrapbooker I love, the one who has chronicled the 20 years of our life together through scrapbooks...but to pick one favorite? Hmmm, any one scrapbook with vacations to the north shore of Lake Superior.

PS Do the kids know what it means to pick randomly?

Lexie said...

I'm entering for my friend who wants to start a book for her new baby and since she was early, she definitely has memories & pictures for more then one book.
My favorite scrapbook is a mini book (& I mean mini) from a bridal shower my girlfriends gave me. It wasn't just from them but they also collected pictures and comments from others who couldn't come. It was so neat.